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Cover the costs of rides and meals for your event

Make your next event a hit with Uber. Vouchers can help improve attendance for in-person and virtual events.

How Vouchers can improve your next event

Rides and meals

Ensure your event is well attended by treating guests to a ride option they’re familiar with.

Stress-free travel

Get everyone home safely. Offer a flexible option no matter how late the party goes.

Control costs

Avoid overpaying. Vouchers let you pay only for the rides or meals your guests redeem and use.

Using Vouchers for your business?

Send Uber credit to customers or employees easily with Vouchers. For more advanced features and controls, sign up with Uber for Business.

How Vouchers work

Step 1: Set your controls

Choose your credit distribution amount, any location restrictions, an expiration date, and timeframe for your guests to redeem their ride.

Step 2: Send credits or promo codes

Send credit directly to your guest’s Uber accounts using their emails, or send a custom code that guests can apply themselves when ready.

Step 3: Recipients redeem Vouchers

Your guests can redeem their Vouchers for rides on the Uber app or for individual meals on the Uber Eats app, depending on the controls you set.

Step 4: Pay per voucher used

Only pay for Vouchers redeemed by your guests on rides or meals through Uber. For example, if a guest only redeems $10 of $20 sent, that’s all you pay.

Vouchers are perfect for any event

Weddings, in-person or virtual

Focus on enjoying your special day. Uber can take care of the rides to and from the venue or meals for guests celebrating from afar.

Private parties

Ditch shuttles or busses. Offer your guests a luxe perk getting to and from your special event.

Virtual meetups

Whatever the occasion, use Vouchers to cover Uber Eats for your guests. This is a great way to bump up attendance.

Frequently asked questions

  • You choose how many Vouchers you want to create and the amount of credit on each. Only pay when a user redeems the voucher and applies it toward a ride or meal. For instance, if you distribute $100 in Vouchers and only $50 is used, you only pay $50.

  • You can send recipients a redemption link or promo code, or you can send credit directly to their Uber app their email address.

  • Sending a voucher to a guest or friend does not guarantee a car will be available in their area. Uber is available in over 10,000 cities globally, but we always recommend using your Uber app to check car availability at your event location prior to sending Vouchers to your guests.

  • We recommend using Vouchers for parties and events. Vouchers let you distribute Uber credit to friends and pay only for rides taken or meals ordered. With gift cards, you buy Uber credit to give to your friends for them to use whenever they'd like.

Elevate your next event with Vouchers