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透過 Uber 預約搭乘服務預約叫車

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride.¹ Request your ride up to 90 days ahead with Uber Reserve, so getting there is the last thing on your mind.

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您的行程會準時開始,包含最長 15 分鐘等待時間。³






在最新版 Uber App 中點選「預約」圖示。至少提前 30 分鐘預約。


您可以在 App 中參考預約詳細資訊,並在行程即將到來時查看指派的職業駕駛。若提前至少一小時取消行程,您不必支付任何費用。⁶



¹ When you request a Reserve trip, the trip price you see will be an estimate that includes a reservation fee which may vary depending on the location of the pickup address and/or the day and time of your trip. This fee is paid by riders for their driver's additional wait time and time/distance spent traveling to the pickup location.

² Uber doesn’t guarantee that a driver will accept your ride request. Your ride is confirmed once you receive your driver details. Reserve is available in select cities.

³ Wait time varies based on the vehicle option you select.

⁴ Favorite driver feature is only available in select regions.

⁵ Available only at select airports. Waiting time of up to one hour after the estimated arrival time of your flight is free of charge. After that, the driver can cancel the trip request and the total fare will be charged to you. Your trip request is only confirmed once you have received your journey details. However, your driver remains free to cancel your trip request. In this case, the trip request will be offered to another nearby driver. Please note that Uber cannot guarantee that a driver will accept your trip request.

⁶ Cancellation fees for Reserve are higher than with on-demand. You can cancel at no charge up to 60 minutes before your Reservation pick-up time. If you cancel less than 60 minutes before your Reservation, you’ll be charged the cancellation fee below for your driver’s time. You will not be charged a cancellation fee if no Driver has confirmed your trip yet. You will receive a notification when your driver is en-route.

You can find the cancellation fee amount that applies to your trip by clicking "See terms" from the in-app time selection screen that shows when you reserve a ride, and scrolling down to your preferred product type.