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利用 Uber 平台接受派案


Become a rideshare driver in your city

Your city needs drivers like you to keep everyone moving forward. Thousands of riders request rides with Uber every day. You can use your vehicle to get paid to drive in your city while getting riders where they need to go.

Uber also connects you to these ways to earn:


Try food delivery using your 4-wheel or 2-wheel vehicle. With Uber Eats, you can connect people with the food they love from local restaurants.

Refer drivers

Invite friends and family to join the Uber community. Use your promo code when referring others, and you’ll earn a reward after they complete a certain number of trips.


隨時聯繫我們!若在尋找 Uber 線上客服時間或客服中心地點請點擊以下連結。

Uber 代僱駕駛 上路指南

當您使用 Uber 駕駛端 App 上線,並接受來自合作租賃車行的派案之前,請先確保您是否備齊以下上線接受派案所需的條件及物品。

想要多了解 uberASSIST 嗎?

「uberASSIST 關懷優步」能提供即時性、額外的協助,讓台灣的交通環境更便利、更通用,讓每一個不同需求的使用者都能有多一種通行選擇。想要多瞭解 uberASSIST 的方案由以下點入。


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  • 項目內文

  • We make it as easy as possible for you to track your earnings from riders. A monetary amount at the top of your screen will show how much you’re getting paid to drive in your city. Look for helpful tools in the app to give you more details and show you your totals in real time.

  • When you become a driver in your city with Uber, you need to be at least the minimum age to drive there, have an eligible form of transportation, and submit required documents, such as a valid driver’s license. You must also pass a background screening and have at least one year of driving experience with a license.

註冊 Uber 帳號 立即註冊