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Meet the everyday giants

2020 was a year like no other, the world almost came to a stop. But among us, there were people who kept moving what matters—drivers and couriers across the UK. To us, they are everyday giants.

To celebrate them, we’ll be telling their stories and giving them thanks. We’re putting drivers and couriers at the forefront, celebrating them as the everyday giants that they are. You’ll see their stories across our social media and out on the streets. And, you can see some of their stories here.

Thank you Mufizur for helping to deliver the greatest gift of all.

Mufizur is a driver that knows how to keep his cool. So when his pregnant passenger started to give birth on the way to the hospital, he calmly snapped into action.

“As soon as they entered the car, the woman was clearly distressed and asked to be taken to the hospital immediately.”

“I tried to calm her down and take a few deep breaths. I knew I had to get them to the hospital.”

Mufizur stayed calm and collected, making an effort to offer emotional support as well as getting everyone to the hospital safely.

“I helped her to remain calm, told her she would be ok.”

But before Mufizur could get them there, his two passengers became three.

“Then, just a few minutes before I got to the hospital, she gave birth. I heard the baby crying and I said, ‘Oh my gosh!’”

“I was worried for them, but when I saw that everything was fine I was over the moon. I’m happy I helped someone. At the hospital it was amazing – they were so full of joy.”

Mufizur was as gracious as he was calm about the situation.

“I didn't care about my car, it can be fixed. The baby’s life was more important. When people say ‘thank you’ it’s the proudest moment of my life. It’s appreciation. I do not want anything else.”

Thank you Nasar for going the extra mile everyday.

Kind and understanding, Nasar has been keeping his rider’s spirits up during the pandemic. He knows the power of a good conversation and well timed gesture, no matter how small.

"A mother and child got into the car and the young boy was crying. His mum was upset too, because he wanted something and she couldn’t afford to buy it.

I told them not to worry, and to take their mind off it, I offered the child a carton of juice that I had in the car.”

“He started drinking and his tears dried up, and he started laughing and joking. And they both left happy.”

Nasar knows that gestures like this can turn a person’s day around.

“People don’t tend to expect much, or kindness, from strangers. But I think it’s easy to be kind. Gestures don’t have to be expensive: sometimes simple things can make a difference.”

Thank you Michelle for keeping our spirits up during tough times.

Michelle is a courier that delivers more than people are expecting. When she’s not looking after her own children or acting as a carer, she adds some sunshine to her customer’s lives.

“I’m a foster carer and mother, so I started delivering with Uber to get out the house and get some respite. And I just love it.

With customers, I’m just jolly. They always say it’s lovely to see somebody so cheerful.”

During lockdown, Michelle noticed that some people really enjoyed chatting with her.

“Over lockdown I’ve had a lot of customers. I leave the food at the door, and I stand back and wait for them to take it in.”

Despite her own packed schedule, Michelle still goes the extra mile as a courier, offering people some much needed smiles.

“I feel very blessed. It's hard work, especially with five children of my own. But I love it.”

Thank you Shear for saying the right words to keep us moving.

Shear knows that a good chat can change everything. And not everyone would take the time to have one with a perfect stranger. However, when his rider needed help, Shear went the extra mile.

“I had a customer who seemed very chirpy. Then all of a sudden he said, ‘I'm done with life. I want to call it a day.’"

“I pulled over and I just sat with him for five minutes. I said, ‘Look, let me explain something right now.”

“If you give up now, you've lost everything. If you fight your corner now, you'll have everything. You can turn this around.’”

Shear’s efforts had a profound effect on his rider.

“And when he got out of the car he said ‘thank you.’

I believe that words are powerful, and that the right words can really help another. A ripple of kindness always hits the ocean.

Nobody has ever been poor by giving. So I’m always on hand to help, to make that journey better. Because we are all in the same boat.”

Capturing everyday giants

Across the UK, we've created murals to celebrate the everyday giants you see featured here.


Share your story

You’ve heard a few everyday giant stories, but across the world, people have been sharing stories of drivers and couriers every day. Stories about people who have gone above and beyond, even during these extraordinary times. If you’ve met your own everyday giant, why not share their story.