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Vehicle inspections

To drive with Uber in London, your vehicle must pass an inspection. Get the details below.

Activate your vehicle

To drive with Uber in London, your vehicle must pass an inspection and receive a 'Safety Standards Certificate' (SSC).

The city of London has passed a ridesharing bylaw. Inspection date must be within 60 days of your SSC upload date.

Complete the inspection at one of the locations below or at a mechanic near you. Check to make sure your mechanic is licensed by the Ministry of Transportation and can issue a 'Safety Standards Certificate'.

Discounted rates for vehicle inspection###

Uber partners now get a discounted rate for Vehicle Inspections at one of these locations in the London area:

  • Canadian Tire: $80 plus tax

  • Meineke: $85 plus tax

  • Active Green & Ross: $85 plus tax

See below map for the locations and operating hours.

How to complete a vehicle inspection

1. Find an inspection centre

Find your nearest inspection centre and make an appointment for a vehicle inspection.

Where ever you choose to complete an inspection, be sure to visit a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station that can issue a 'Safety Standards Certificate'.

2. Complete a vehicle inspection

Bring your vehicle in for the inspection. If your vehicle passes the inspection, the mechanic will give you a Safety Standards Certificate (SSC).

Note that Uber does not cover the cost of the inspection, or any repairs or maintenance needed to pass an inspection.

3. Upload your Safety Standards Certificate

After you pass your vehicle inspection, upload a clear photo of the 'Safety Standards Certificate' to your Uber account.

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