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Inspection requirements vary by city—get the details below.

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Vehicle inspections in Gatineau

To drive with Uber in Quebec, your vehicle must pass an inspection unless exempt. This inspection must be completed periodically based on the vehicle age and usage. Get the details below.

Activate your vehicle

In Quebec, all partners unless exempt (see step 1 below) must pass a vehicle inspection respecting safety standards for road vehicles before driving.

If the mechanical inspection reveals minor defects, the required repairs will have to be completed within 48-hours and major defects must be repaired immediately. Otherwise, the vehicle cannot be put back into operation.

How to complete a vehicle inspection

1. Verify your eligibility for exception

Mechanical Inspection Exemption Eligibility

  • Vehicles that have driven less than 80,000 km and are less than 4 years old do not require a mechanical inspection.

Mechanical Inspection requirement

  • Vehicles that have driven more than 80,000 km and/or are 4 years or older require a vehicle inspection every 60,000 km or 12 months after the previous inspection, whichever comes first.
  • Vehicles that 8 years or older will require a mechanical inspection every 6 months.

2. Book an appointment at an inspection centre

The inspection must be done with a SAAQ Road vehicle inspection agent. You can find the list of acceptable garages on the SAAQ website by clicking “Mechanical Inspection” and “Light vehicle”.

3. Upload your vehicle inspection form

Upload a photo of the completed vehicle inspection form to your profile. You can use your Uber Driver app or log into the website under the Inspection du véhicule - à garder dans le véhicule en tout temps section.

Be sure to keep a copy of your completed vehicle inspection form in your vehicle at all times. If you do not have it in your vehicle, you are subject to fines by the Bureau du Taxi de Montréal.