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Uber Hero guide

Uber Hero is an innovative program that enables you to earn money and build a business, by guiding others to success on Uber’s platform.

While it’s easy for anyone to get started, mastering Uber Hero takes skill, practice, and dedication.

Here you’ll find a guide on the key parts of Uber Hero.

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Adding a lead

A lead is someone you have found who might want your help to become a driver or courier. Learn how to add them to your Uber Hero app following the steps below, or watch the short video.

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Tap 'Add a driver'

On desktop, the ‘Add a driver’ option can be found at the top-right of the screen. On mobile, you can tap the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Fill in driver details

Enter your lead’s basic information (name, phone number and city). Click continue when you are finished.

Wait for lead confirmation

Your lead will receive an SMS from Uber. This is a way to verify that 1) you are an official Uber Hero and 2) that your lead consents to your help.

Driver account setup

The SMS your lead receives has a link inviting them to create an Uber username and password. This they must choose themselves, although you may help them if they have any questions.

Your lead has 14 days to complete their part of the process before their information is deleted from your list.

Eligibility of referrals

In order to receive the earnings for referring drivers, they must meet all the requirements which may vary depending on the driver's city.

    • National photo ID
    • Valid driver's license
    • Profile picture
    • Safety certificate
  • Requirements for a Driving partner with their own vehicle

    • National photo ID
    • Valid driver's license
    • Profile picture
    • Safety certificate
    • Proof of tax compliance
    • Vehicle registration card
    • Meet the vehicle requirements
    • Vehicle requirements
  • Meet the minimum vehicle age and model in your city:

    Have a valid vehicle insurance

Uploading documents

Uber Hero lets you upload documents for your lead, so all they have to do is provide them to you. You can see which documents are required from within the Hero app.

Open driver profile

Find your lead by searching for them by name, email, or phone number, or by scrolling through your lead list. Click on their name and you will see their profile page in your app.

Select document to upload

Scroll through the list of documents to find the one you want to upload.

Open uploader tool

Click on the document name to bring up the uploader tool. Upload the image from your image library, or on mobile you may also take a picture of the image with your phone’s camera and upload it.

Upload complete!

The document’s status will change to ‘Uploaded’ and the color will turn green if the upload was successful.

Checking document status

All documents must be approved for a lead to become a driver. By clicking on any profile in the ‘documents needed’ category, or by using ‘search for driver’ in the top bar, you can see at a glance which documents are at which stage of completion.

Document needed

The document has not been uploaded yet.

Waiting for review

The document is in the queue and will be reviewed by Uber shortly.


The document has been approved by Uber. No further action is needed.

Action needed

The document has been rejected by Uber. Click on the document and you will see the reason for the rejection so that you can take action and fix the issue if possible.

Re-uploading rejected documents

All Heroes experience rejected documents. You can reduce the amount by double checking the validity of documents before you upload them. Here is how to re-upload.

Find rejected document

Scroll through the list of documents to find the document that has a status of ‘Action needed’.

Diagnose the issue

Click on the document marked ‘Action needed’ to see why it was rejected.

Solve the issue

Talk with your lead so that you can solve the issue. Remember, you can message them directly through the Uber Hero app.

Add document

Once you are confident you have solved the issue, you can reupload the document. Click on ‘Action needed’, and then ‘Add document’.

Managing leads and earnings

Watch the video on how to use the app to create new accounts, manage progress and get paid.

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Driver trip status

Find a driver or courier using the search bar or through tapping ‘Drivers’. Click on their name to open their profile.

Here you can view the progress bar that shows how many trips they have completed and how close they are to the amount that triggers your Hero payment.

You can also see the date of their last trip, and the date when their account was activated by Uber.

Contacting a driver

Find a driver using the search bar or through tapping ‘Drivers’. Click on their name to open their profile.

At the top right corner of the screen, you will see a speech bubble icon, click on this icon to open the contact options.

Checking your earnings

On any driver’s profile, you can see their progress bar showing ‘trips completed’ near the top of the page.

If you are the owner of your Hero business, the money you will receive when the driver fills the trips bar is displayed.

If you are not the owner, you will only see the driver’s progress toward the trip threshold, and not the payout.

Help your drivers to succeed

Gain a deeper understanding of the Uber platform, what it offers and what it requires from drivers. Use this information to give your drivers the best chance of long-term success with Uber.

  • Vehicle requirements

    Helping your driver to find a vehicle that meets requirements will help to maximise their profits and reduce wasted time.

  • Vehicle options

    Whether leasing or renting, there are options for drivers looking to get started without their own vehicle. Help your driver to choose the right plan.


How to find more referrals

A hero can find interested people who want to drive with the Uber app. Here are some tips to help you with your search.

Real life marketing

This is how many Heroes get started - connecting with their own network of friends and acquaintances. As your business grows, you can explore other channels to connect with interested people.

Online marketing

There are some costs to it and it’s not easy, but there is a reason why some of the most successful Heroes worldwide have mastered online marketing. This could include:

  • Social Media
  • Paid advertisements
  • Email marketing

Online marketing

There are some costs to it and it’s not easy, but there is a reason why some of the most successful Heroes worldwide have mastered online marketing. This could include:

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media platforms make it easy to reach the right people with paid advertising. For step-by-step assistance, visit each platform.

Paid advertisements

Like social media marketing, you pay to put your message on sites your audience are visiting. Find more information by searching online.

Email marketing

Send an email through to a list of potential leads.

Frequently asked questions

  • Follow this link to learn more about the requirements

  • To drive with the Uber app, drivers must have access to a vehicle that meets the requiments.

  • Currently, Uber Hero is live in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana, León, Querétaro, Puebla, Ciudad Juárez, Mérida, Morelia, Los Cabos, San Luis Potosí, Hermosillo, Toluca y Cuernavaca

  • Group 1 cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Monterrey, Toluca, Puebla, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, Leon, Ciudad Juárez, Merida

    You can generate up to MXN$8,500 per referral

    Group 2 cities: Morelia, Los Cabos

    You can generate up to MXN$4,600 per referral

    Subject to Terms and conditions, (1) Not available with other referral promotions. (2) Referrals shouldn't have been previously registered to drive with the Uber app previous to receiving the Uber Hero invite. Amounts and criteria for Uber Hero are subject to change with no prior communication. This promotion replaces any other referral earnings Uber may have offered in the past. Uber reserves the right to withhold or deduct payouts that are deemed fraudulent, illicit, due to an error or users didn't comply to the Terms and Conditions. Additional terms apply

  • If you want to sign up with the Uber Hero app and you already have an Uber driver account, either active or inactive, you must delete it first and then create a new one specific to Uber Hero. You can't have a driver or partner account and an Uber Hero account at the same time.

    If you want to signup with Uber Hero but you already have a driver account, please follow these steps:

    1. Delete your existing driver account
    2. Signup to Uber Hero

    You'll also have to agree to the Uber Hero Terms and Conditions.

Tips para promocionarte

Descarga el contenido promocional que puedes usar para promocionarte y llegar a más referidos.

More about Uber Hero

We answer frequently asked questions from Uber Hero users in the region.

If you are a Hero or have you ever thought about being part of the Uber Hero community, surely more than one thing you have been asked. It could be something as simple as what is Uber Hero and how it works, or maybe how to solve another inconvenience that you can present day by day. So that you don't have any doubts, here we try to answer the most frequent questions about the Uber Hero referral program.

  • Uber Hero is a program that allows the independent entrepreneur (Hero) to generate profits by referring people interested in driving with the Uber app. You can manage your Uber Hero account using any device with internet access.

    Both the Hero and the invitee do not need to wait for the candidate to complete all the necessary user requests to win, in Uber Hero you will start generating extra earnings in the process.

    Signing up as a Hero is very simple:

    Go to the Uber Hero website, select your country, and provide the requested information. If you are a user, it is important that you register with the same email and password as your current account.

    If you're an Uber app partner, you'll be able to request to change your account so you can start referring. You cannot be a Hero and an Uber App Partner at the same time.

    As a Hero you can add people from any city in the country you signed up in and track their progress to see if they complete the required number of completed user requests.

    With an Uber Hero account, you can:

    • Create new Uber app partner accounts
    • Upload documents for the activation process
    • Track the status of referrals
    • Contact referrals to follow up on their experience
  • If you have already made the decision to be part of the Uber Hero community, you should know what you need to sign up and start referring. In order to create your Uber account you must meet certain requirements:

    1. Identity document
    2. Criminal record certificate (only in Peru, Bolivia and El Salvador)
    3. Be 18 years or older

    In some countries your profile will go through a review authorized by you. Once all the documentation is approved, after a few days, you will be able to start referring.

  • To access the Uber Hero app you must do it through the web browser from any device. You will not have to download any application to be able to access it. You just have to enter the URL ( and enter your access credentials. In it, in addition to a number of functions, you will also find our help and support channels along with all the configuration of your account.

  • Another frequently asked question about Uber Hero is how long it takes for a new account to be active. The review of your application and the documents you submitted may take a few days. To facilitate this process, it is important that the documents have not passed their expiration date and that they are fully legible. Activation usually takes 2-3 days. However, you can find out about the approximate time by speaking with a member of our team in the Help Center or go to the nearest Service Center.

  • If you require help with a particular topic or would like to know specific information about the program, you can go to our Help Center or, also, schedule an appointment at the nearest Customer Service Center.

  • Both in the face-to-face Service Centers and in the virtual Help Center, you can solve different types of concerns. Between these:

    • Problems registering as an Uber Hero
    • Doubts about how to refer with the Uber Hero app
    • Problems with the Uber Hero app
    • How to validate the status of a referral
    • Problems with your Uber Hero account
    • Problems with your referrals
    • Payments
    • Change your partner account from the Uber app to Hero or vice versa
    • And more informative questions.
  • If you are thinking about what could be a good reason to register as an Uber Hero, keep in mind that referring has several interesting advantages: you decide when and where you connect, you control your additional earnings, you can develop your own business around this activity, not you need to have a vehicle to register, you can refer in different cities of your country, you can create a community of partners of the Uber application and help new people to generate profits with the Uber app… In short: There are many advantages in Uber! become part of the Uber community!

  • Starting to generate additional earnings is simple! Simply sign up, log in to the Uber Hero web app, and start referring new partners from the Uber app.

    How to find more referrals:

    The first task of any Hero is to find people who want to drive with the Uber app. Here are some tips to help you improve the scope of your search.

    Real life marketing

    Sign up for the Uber Hero app and take advantage of your own network of friends and acquaintances. As your business grows, you may want to find more people to do the following:

    Street search teams: you can organize a team and search for new people to refer. It is a good way to personally connect with a large number of people.

    Networking Events: For effective, low-cost, and scalable networking events, you can invite your potential referrals to a time and place of your choosing where you can impress them with the Uber app sign-up offer .

    Brochure distribution: You can distribute printed brochures to communicate your message and the details of your business. Access support materials to use for commercial purposes.

    Email Marketing – Send an email to a list of potential referrals.

    Feel free to innovate and use strategies that allow you to reach more and more interested people.

  • Find it using the search bar or by tapping on the “Drivers” option. Click on the name to open their profile. In the upper right corner of the screen, click the speech bubble icon to open the contact options.

  • Another advantage of being an Uber Hero is the ease with which you control and receive your additional earnings. You can receive these earnings weekly and you can manage them directly from the app. If you are the Uber Hero account holder, you can see the earnings you will receive when the referral completes the user requests necessary to complete the bar. If you are not the owner, you will only see the progress of the account towards the limit of user requests, but not the payment. You can also view your earnings history by clicking directly on the main menu option “Earnings History”.

  • In the partner profile of the Uber app, you will see the progress bar that shows how many user requests you have completed and how many you have left before you generate earnings. You'll also be able to see the date of the last completed rider request and the day Uber activated their account.

  • If you need urgent help, we recommend using the help channels that we make available to you. You can use our Help Center or, also, schedule an appointment at the nearest Service Center. We recommend that you be as explicit as possible with your problem so that we can give you a timely solution.