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Hello, Uber Hero

Welcome to the new program that lets you earn money by guiding people to success on Uber's platform.

When you signup with Uber Hero, you'll need to to provide a copy of your national photo ID, bank statement, and profile photo.

Meet Uber Hero

If you want to be an entrepreneur, Uber Hero can help. You can add leads that are interested in signing up to drive with Uber, help them upload the required documents to activate their driver account and guide them while they start driving. Once they complete a certain number of trips, you will receive a payout from Uber.

With Uber Hero, you decide how you manage your referral business and earn in an easy and quick way. Uber Hero is the ideal app for visionary people wanting to help their community.

Get to know the Uber Hero app

Manage your driver referrals

With Uber Hero you can view your referrals' information, required documents and next steps, all in one place. You'll generate earnings as your driver referrals become active and complete trips.

Keep track of your business in a better way

The Uber Hero app groups referrals in categories depending on their profile, account status and status of their documents. This helps to follow-up with each referral and better manage your time.

Log in wherever you prefer

You can access the Uber Hero app the 24/7, wherever you are, from a computer or from your phone. This way, you can take with you the right tools to manage your business.

Next steps

All you need to know about Uber Hero

Learn how the Uber Hero app works with our tutorials and tips.

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