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Tips from others for handling orders

Here are suggestions from delivery people and details from Uber’s Community Guidelines about handling food properly.

  • Being on time is important

    Customers say they appreciate when food comes directly from the restaurant to them because food that’s been sitting out for a long time can get soggy or stale.

  • An insulated bag is recommended

    An insulated bag helps to promote food safety and proper handling of orders. Deliveries by bicycle may benefit from a more specialized bag to protect food from movement and weather conditions.

  • Restaurants may have delivery preferences

    Restaurants may outline certain delivery preferences that promote food safety, adhere to regulatory guidance, or accommodate customer dietary restrictions. For example, a restaurant may note to keep halal and non-halal food separate.

  • It’s helpful to know food safety standards

    Restaurants and customers expect you to deliver their orders safely and in accordance with relevant safety standards. For example, opening packaging during delivery can lead to foreign matter in food, which may pose a significant food safety risk for customers.


Using an insulated bag

  • Separate hot and cold items in an insulated delivery bag using the bag separators to maintain food temperatures
  • Place items in an upright position so they are less likely to spill
  • Secure items as well as you can in your vehicle so they don’t shift during the journey
  • Clean your insulated bag routinely to ensure you are providing a safe and hygienic service on behalf of restaurants

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