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Prioritizing safety while delivering

Doing the right thing means developing technology with your safety in mind. Here are features that support our commitment to helping people connect safely.

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Spotlight on safety

Helping to make the Uber Eats platform a safe and enjoyable way for you to earn is a priority. The Follow My Ride feature lets friends and family know where you are and when you arrive.

Here's how it works:

1. Tap the safety shield on the map to open the Safety Toolkit.

2. Select Follow My Ride.

3. The app will then send a message to your designated recipients.

Community Guidelines: focus on safety

While safety is at the center of our technology, Uber’s Community Guidelines set forth safety measures that should also help protect you while delivering with Uber.

Respect and legal compliance

Uber’s Community Guidelines require delivery partners and customers to treat one another with respect and follow the law. Report any incident that you believe is in violation of our Community Guidelines, so that we can investigate.

Share the road

Safe roadways means practicing safe behavior, which includes looking out for all travelers, regardless of how they get around.

Asking someone else to deliver with your account

One of the many benefits of being an Uber Eats delivery partner is the flexibility that comes with being your own boss and deciding when and where to work. We know that many of you already do ask someone else (your “substitute”) to do your deliveries from time to time, and so we have taken some steps to make this easy for you whilst also ensuring that all users of the app have a great experience.

  • At any point during the delivery process, you may choose to have someone else deliver on your behalf. If you do choose to do this, you should keep in mind that you are still fully responsible for all activities performed with your account either by you or the person you have chosen to complete a delivery for you.

    You are able to choose who you would like to use, provided they would be eligible to deliver with Uber Eats if they signed up to be a delivery partner themselves. That means that they -

    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Must have the right to work in the UK
    • Must have passed a basic criminal background check
    • Must not be a person whose account was deactivated from Uber
    • Must have a good understanding of the Uber Eats delivery process from start to finish
    • Must have the relevant insurance, if necessary
    • Must not be a current Uber Eats Partner

    If you use a substitute who does not meet these requirements, you may be deactivated from the Uber Eats app.

  • Payment for any delivery made with your account by you or a substitute will be made to you. It is your responsibility to decide payment terms between you and your substitute. You are also responsible for paying your substitute. The payment for services provided on your Uber Eats account will be made in your bank account using the normal payment method.

  • At Uber Eats, we strive to ensure a seamless delivery experience for all users of the app - eaters, restaurant partners and delivery partners. When you accept a request from a restaurant, they receive your name, your picture and your vehicle type on their app. Similarly, when you pick up an order from restaurant, the eater receives these same details on their Uber Eats app.

    If you choose to use a substitute to provide deliveries, we recommend that you ask your substitute to let the restaurant and the eater know they're stepping in for you, to ensure that the restaurant, the eater and the substitute experience a seamless delivery and helps to avoid any possible confusion.

  • To ensure that you are able to have someone do a delivery for you quickly and easily, there is no need to tell us in advance when you use a substitute.

    In addition to checking all of the above details before appointing a substitute, you must also notify us of the details of your substitute using the in-app Help option (here is the address to reach the notification screen - Account > Help > Delivering with Uber > Substitution at Uber Eats). You must do this no later than 24 hours after the delivery has been completed.

    Our team will reach out to your substitute to verify and validate that all the above requirements have been met. You and your substitute do not need to wait for this document verification process to complete before carrying out the delivery. There is also no need for your substitute to have their own account with Uber Eats.

    Although we trust that you will have checked in advance that the person you use to provide deliveries is eligible to use the Uber Eats app, it is important to us that we have this information. If you have not notified us and:

    • you do not respond to our request to validate that your substitute meets the requirements; or
    • your substitute does not promptly complete the steps necessary to enable the document verification process to be carried out; or
    • on carrying out the verification process we discover that your substitute does not meet the requirements,

    this is a breach of our Substitution Policy and may result in you losing access to the app. It’s worth remembering that restaurant partners and eaters do contact us when you use a substitute, so we may ask you to provide the details of the substitute even if you haven’t told us you’re using one.

  • We ask you to consider your obligation to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 here and to do the right thing. This means that, for example, your substitute: (1) should be paid fairly for their work, (2) should not be made to work against their will, or by the use of force, intimidation or threats, (3) should not be at risk of being a victim of modern slavery or human trafficking, and (4) should not be subject to any inhumane treatment.

Deliver your way in the app

Deliver your way in the app

The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region, or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.