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透過 Uber 提前預約拉瓜地亞機場行程

立即透過 Uber 預約前往拉瓜地亞機場的行程,使計劃更周全。你可以在航班出發前最多 90 日預約行程,任何日子、任何時間均可。


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你的上車地點暫無提供 Uber Reserve 服務


只需點按按鈕,即可在 700 多個主要機場使用交通服務。


讓 Uber App 和司機夥伴為你包辦交通瑣事,就算身處陌生城市,亦能自在出行。

享受熟悉的 Uber 體驗



於拉瓜地亞機場 (LGA) 上車

開啟 App 預約行程

當你準備就緒後,請打開 Uber App 預約行程前往目的地。根據同行人數和行李數量,選擇最適合你往返拉瓜迪亞機場 (LGA) 的交通選擇。

跟隨 App 的路線

For Terminal A, head outside from arrivals or baggage claim. This is where Uber drivers at LGA meet travelers for pickup.

For Terminal B, follow the green “Car Services” signs and proceed through the pedestrian walkway to Level 2 of the Terminal B parking garage. Please wait for your driver in the designated lane.

For Terminals C, head outside from baggage claim. Please wait for your rideshare driver in the designated lane.


請按 App 指示前往拉瓜迪亞機場 (LGA) 指定上車地點。請注意:此地點未必位於最接近你的出口。App 會顯示司機姓名、車牌號碼和車輛顏色。上車前請核實你的行程。如果找不到司機,請透過 App 聯絡對方。


LGA is one of the 3 airports that serve New York City. It has 3 terminals (A, B, and C).



  • 是。請前往此機場清單查看全球可透過 Uber 平台預約行程的機場。

  • The cost of an Uber trip to (or from) LGA depends on factors that include the type of ride you request, the estimated length and duration of the trip, tolls, and current demand for rides.

    You can see an estimate of the price before you request by going here and entering your pickup spot and destination. Then when you request a ride you’ll see your actual price in the app based on real-time factors.

  • Pickup locations may depend on the type of ride you request and the size of the airport. Follow the instructions in the app about where to meet your driver. You can also look for signs that point to designated airport rideshare zones.

    If you can’t find your driver, contact them through the app.


  • 已是 Uber 司機夥伴?


  • 要前往另一個機場嗎?

    在全球超過 700 個機場享用接載服務。



LaGuardia Airport is the 12th-busiest airport in the US, serving more than 29 million passengers annually. It is located in Queens, New York, about 9 miles (15 kilometers) from Midtown Manhattan, an 18-minute drive in normal road conditions.

LaGuardia Airport terminals

LGA Airport has 4 terminals: A, B, and C. LaGuardia does not serve international flights, as there is no border control facility at the airport. LaGuardia Airport lounges are located throughout the airport. You can plan your trip using the information below.

LGA Terminal A

  • JetBlue

LGA Terminal B

  • Air Canada
  • American
  • American Shuttle
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • United
  • Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge
  • American Airlines Admirals Club
  • The Centurion Lounge
  • United Club

LGA Terminal C

  • Delta
  • Delta Shuttle
  • Frontier
  • Spirit
  • WestJet
  • Delta Sky Club

Dining at LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport has an extensive selection of dining options across all terminals. Its 70-plus dining destinations range from major fast-food outlets to table-service restaurants. Two LaGuardia Airport food courts are located in Terminal B, and food halls are located in Terminals C.

Getting around LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia has a complimentary shuttle bus service to transport passengers between terminals and to parking lots and car service pickup. LaGuardia Airport shuttle stops are located throughout the airport, and buses run every 8 to 10 minutes at peak times.

Things to do at LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport shops and boutiques are located throughout the airport, with a range of options including fashion and electronics. Spas can be found in Terminals B and C. .

Currency exchange at LaGuardia Airport

There are no currency exchange facilities at LGA. ATMs, however, are located throughout the airport.

Hotels near LaGuardia Airport

Whether you have a layover or an overnight flight delay, or you need a place to stay for a visit near LGA, there are many hotels and accommodations nearby.

Points of interest near LaGuardia Airport

  • Broadway and the Theater District
  • Central Park
  • Empire State Building
  • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Find more information about LaGuardia Airport here.


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