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Driving at Wrocław Nicolaus Copernicus Airport (WRO)

Airports can be complicated places, especially for drivers. But knowing the basics, and getting information in advance about your local airport, can help make sure you’re prepared for your first pickup or dropoff.

Pickups at the airport

Picking up passengers at Wrocław Airport

To increase the convenience of accepting orders from the airport, we have implemented the “first in, first out” system (FIFO: first-in, first-out). This is great news for our Partners, because such a system ensures that the driver who appears at the airport first will receive the order first.

How does the queuing system work?

When a driver appears in the FIFO system’s area, he or she will be automatically placed in a virtual queue. When a passenger orders a ride from the airport, the order will go to the driver who has waited the longest, instead of to the one closest to the terminal. For example: if you are the second driver to enter the zone, you will be the second to receive the order. If you are the fifth driver waiting in the zone, the fifth order will go to you.

Staging information

Where to wait for an order?

You can wait anywhere within the FIFO area. On the map below, this is the area marked in purple. It doesn’t matter whether you are close or far from the passenger requesting a ride, as long as you are within the boundaries of the queuing system.

Important information

You will lose your place in line if you cancel your ride, log out of the app, turn off your phone, change vehicles or leave the FIFO zone.

You will not lose your place in the queue if a passenger cancels your trip or if you move within the zone within the limits of the queuing system.