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Driving at Sunshine Coast Airport (MCY)

Airports can be complicated places, especially for drivers. But knowing the basics, and getting information in advance about your local airport, can help make sure you’re prepared for your first pickup or dropoff.

Pickups at Sunshine Coast Airport

1. Enter the virtual queue at the waiting area

To receive requests at Sunshine Coast Airport, head to the designated waiting area off of Electra Lane and place yourself in the airport virtual queue. The designated waiting area is the only location where Earners can receive trip requests.

Once you are inside the waiting area, your Uber App will show a number range at the top of your screen indicating your position in the virtual queue.

2. Accept a trip request and head to the pickup zone

Once you are at the front of the queue, you will receive the next available trip request. In order to meet your rider, follow the navigation to the public pick-up and drop off area in front of the Arrivals Terminal.

3. Locate your rider and exit the airport

Once your rider is in your car, you can begin the trip just as you normally would, following the signs and navigation to exit the airport.