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Driving at Rafael Núñez Cartagena International Airport (CTG)

Airports can be complicated places, especially for drivers. But knowing the basics, and getting information in advance about your local airport, can help make sure you’re prepared for your first pickup or dropoff.

Pickups at the airport

Shift system

At the Rafael Núñez International Airport we have set up a ‘virtual queue’ where the first driver-partners to enter the area are the first to receive a service.

Please note the following conditions, which apply to all members who want to wait for a service at the airport:

  • Once you enter the area indicated on the map that appears on this page, you will enter your turn, regardless of whether you enter with a trip on board or not.
  • To keep your turn you must stay in the zone. If you leave it, you will lose it.
  • If you receive a trip request and the user cancels, we will respect your turn.

Staging information