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A better deal: partnering to improve platform work for all

In 2020, more than 600,000 people across Europe used an Uber app to access flexible earning opportunities.

Drivers and couriers tell us time and time again that they hugely value the control over if, when, where, for whom and for how long they work. But choosing flexibility should not mean independent workers forego a good living wage, access to relevant benefits and protections or meaningful representation on issues that affect them.

Uber - along with all platforms - has a responsibility to do more.

We have published a new report to take an honest look at how our platform has benefited independent workers - and importantly how it hasn’t - and to commit to doing more and going much further. We believe platform work should offer flexible and decent earning opportunities when people want them, and protection and benefits when they need them. This paper sets out what Uber can do to help, but also how we must all - platform companies, policy makers and social representatives - come together to make a difference.