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Upgrading to an Electric Vehicle

Why switch to an EV?

Benefits of Uber Green

Join an info session or book a test drive

GoElectric Info sessions

Test drives

Driving EV and FAQ videos

  • FAQ: How does driving an EV affect your routine?

  • FAQ: What are the running costs for an EV?

  • EV video FAQs - How much is enough range?

  • EV video FAQs - How to charge


How Uber’s Clean Air Plan works

Before you’re in an EV

Getting an EV

After you’re in an EV

What is the Clean Air Plan?
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Choosing an EV

1. Price

2. Range

3. Charging speed

Popular EV models on Uber

Making charging work for you

Public charging

Charge up with Uber Pro benefits

Home charging your EV

bp Pulse

Pod Point


Regulation costs for non-EVs

Frequently asked questions