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Black, British + Proud


2020 has been a year of global awakenings

“In my opinion, it’s always a privilege to be Black, I love being Black. I don’t feel like I’m deprived of anything in the UK. Being Black is just a bonus.”

“ I am who I am, I don’t pretend to be someone else. I am Black, I am not ashamed… I am proud of it. I have so many Black communities to relate to so that I don’t feel alone.”

“To be Black is also incredibly beautiful, to be Black is also incredibly joyful - we bring colour, flavour, humour, creativity. We bring a strand of “human” that only we can bring and it is important, it is necessary to this world.”


I Arrive

“You just have to be positive and accept who you are, and that we are all the same. We are all human beings, it’s not about colour, it’s about mindset - a positive mindset.”


I Am Grounded

“The attention that we get. The attention that I’ve been getting for 25 years, I feel special. The trouble we’ve been through, every time we stand up for ourselves, it moves the ground, the dust lifts.”


I Shine

“I love being a Black woman, I love myself and my culture. There are so many things about being Black British, the freedom, the equality, the diversity - you get to meet so many different people. I love the way we dress, cook, there’s many things to love. You see Black people inspiring each other, the determination we have to do something. The sky really is the limit.”


I Dream

“Our time has come. Keep grafting, working, collaborating, keep focusing on community. At times we are all we have, so we need to make sure we prioritise who we are, what we are, what we represent and keep lifting each other up.”

“There are so many talented Black British people in every area of society. From business to fashion, computer science to medicine, we have leaders in every space. If we’ve the ability to be the top of anything we put our minds to.”

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