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Expand your transit services with Uber

We partner with you to offer your riders more: flexible routes, lower fares, greater convenience, and better experiences. Because together, we can help more people go further.

From seniors with special needs to rural communities and the general public, we empower you with transport technology to help everyone in your community thrive.


Richard Tree, Transit Manager, Porterville Transit

Combining the leading mobile technology with a focus on customer experience, we partner with you to build white-glove solutions tailored to your community’s needs. It’s transportation as a service that ensures you’ll keep being riders’ go-to choice.

We spoke with public transit leaders and analyzed rider trends to create a vision of the future of public transit.

Learn how on-demand transportation will play a pivotal role in paratransit’s future in this webinar with Denver RTD, from the Eno Center for Transportation.

Watch our panel discussion and get an in-depth look at how we teamed up with Porterville Transit to bring on-demand services to the community.