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uberPOOL is an option for riders to share their ride, matching them with other riders going the same direction.

More efficient travel and more time earning

Why uberPOOL?

Example uberX trip

On an uberX trip, there is down time when you are not earning money between passenger pickups.

You take your passenger to their destination and end the trip. Your next fare doesn’t start until another request comes through and you’ve picked up the new passenger.

Example uberPOOL trip

On an uberPOOL trip, you’re earning on the way to each passenger pickup.

You collect a fare from the first pickup through the final drop-off, eliminating the unpaid period spent waiting for your next request and traveling to that pickup location.

How to have an awesome POOL trip

Consejos profesionales

1. Explica el proceso a los usuarios

Since uberPOOL can be confusing for new riders, explaining how pickups and drop-offs work will help familiarize them with the process.

2. Infórmales a los usuarios cuando sus rutas sean compatibles con las de otros usuarios

It helps to let your riders know about upcoming pickups and drop-offs. Riders know they will share their ride, but it's always good to give them a heads up.

3. Mantén una conversación amena

The backseat dynamic changes with more than one rider or group of riders, so it helps to have casual conversations. Most partners let their riders initiate dialogue after introducing them since some riders like to chat.

How do I earn on uberPOOL trips?


uberPOOL earnings

Your earnings are calculated based on fixed per-minute, per-mile rates for the actual time and distance you travel. That means you’ll earn money at fixed rates for the entire time you have a rider in the car on an uberPOOL trip.

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