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Behind the wheel: safety on the road

November 22, 2017 / South Africa

Safety is a two-way street, especially when two people are sharing a ride. And, while no means of transportation is 100% free of accidents and incidents, we’re always looking for ways to improve safety in our communities.

Last June, we launched a series of safety tips for riders and today we’re happy to share a new set of tips, tailor-made for drivers. Over the past few months, we’ve spoken to many drivers about their experience with Uber. We also consulted with law enforcement and road safety experts. The result of these conversations is seven safety tips for drivers to keep in mind when on the road.

As a driver, you have the power to help keep the roads safe for everyone:

Stay focused on driving:

You can help keep roads safe by staying alert, keeping your eyes on the road, and avoiding texting while driving. We also recommend using a holder to position your phone in a place where you can easily see it to help reduce dangerous distractions. It’s also important to take a  break and get some rest when needed to prevent drowsy driving.

Watch for pedestrians and bikers: 

Always be on the lookout for people who are walking and biking. This is especially important when you’re pulling over for a drop-off, pick-up, or driving at night.

Keep it legal: 

Always drop off passengers in safe and legal locations, or where there is enough space to pull over and avoid blocking public transport lanes. Be considerate of others on the road, do not park near traffic lights as this can cause traffic jams, use your hazard when you plan on stopping and rather pull off in a safe area instead of the middle of the road.

Spread the word to buckle up: 

A great way to start your trip is by reminding your riders to buckle up. Seat belt use is required by law, so do your part and make it click - no matter where you sit. Plus, don’t forget to fasten yours.

Take the high road:

Uber’s community guidelines call for both riders and drivers to always treat each other with respect. If you encounter a difficult rider, your actions can help manage the situation. Please remain calm, avoid controversial topics of conversation and respect people’s differences. If you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you can end the ride at any time. And in an emergency situation, always alert the local emergency services first. Then, when it is safe, report the incident to Uber.

Give feedback:

Your feedback matters! It helps improve the Uber experience and promote a safe environment. Simply rate the rider after your trip and add your comments via the “Help” button in the app. Unruly riders should always be reported. Our 24/7 global support team will review your feedback and take appropriate action, which can include removing a rider’s access to Uber. Watch this video to learn more about our two-way ratings.

Preventing crime:

Crime in SA is high, especially on the road, however being aware of the risks can help you prevent being a victim of crime. Some tips to assist here:

  • Never park in dark alley ways with no street lights.
  • Ensure your doors are locked at all times and always be vigilant and alert, especially when driving at night or areas of high crime.
  • Do not be distracted by your phone, a passenger or your radio.
  • Check your surroundings and keep an eye on your side and review mirrors to be aware of general crime opportunist.
  • Have a one car's distance between you and the car in front when driving at night, especially when you get to a stop streets or traffic lights, as these are hotspots for criminals.

In the event of an emergency or accident call the national line 10111. You can also call 10177 from your landline and 112 from your cell phone when needed.