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Introducing Pool Chance

October 15, 2020 / Ukraine

The Pool Chance trial is officially kicking-off in Kyiv. Learn more about the product and see how you can get up to 30% cashback. 

  • What is Pool Chance?

Pool Chance is a new ride option that allows riders heading in a similar direction to share a ride if there is a match with another rider. 

  • What do I get from using Pool Chance? 

Pool Chance is an even more affordable type of ride in Kyiv. Get matched with another rider going in the same direction and receive a 30% cash-back on your Uber account. 

  • What are the operating times and areas for Pool Chance in Kyiv?

There are no time or service area restrictions for Pool Chance.

  • How do prices of Pool Chance compare to UberX?

Pool Chance allows you to save up to 30% of the trip fare, if you are matched with another rider heading in the same direction. Don’t worry if there is no match – you will pay the standard fee for an UberX trip. 

  • Can I pay in cash for a Pool Chance trip? 

Yes, the payment methods for Pool Chance are the same, as for other Uber products. 

  • How are fares calculated for trips that find a match?

Each rider on a Pool Chance trip will pay an upfront fare. If the trip converts to a shared ride, the upfront fare will be adjusted. You can get up to 30% cash-back on your Uber account if you get matched. Otherwise you will pay the upfront UberX fare. 

  • How much longer than the direct trip can the route be, to pick up another passenger? 

It should not be longer than roughly +30% of additional trip time. 

  • Does surge impact Pool Chance trips?

Yes, it does. Pool Chance surge is linked to UberX surge. This means that if UberX prices surge, Pool Chance does too – by the same multiplier.

  • Is Pool Chance safe?

The same safety features and support that are available on all Uber trips are still available on Pool Chance – from 24/7 support to the in-app Safety Toolkit. You can only use Pool Chance if you are travelling solo and you can only be matched with another solo traveller, once.

In addition, all Pool Chance users are asked and regularly reminded to follow Uber’s current hygiene standards, which include washing hands before entering the car and wearing masks during the entire trip. All the drivers are asked to take a photo of themselves before they can begin driving, and our technology helps verify that they are wearing a face cover. We are also working to provide drivers with disinfectants and drivers are advised to disinfect their cars after every ride. If your driver is not wearing a mask, or you do not feel safe during the trip, please report it in the help section in the Uber app.

When taking rides, please remember to follow these rules:
1. Wash your hands. Before and after you ride.
2. Cover your mouth and nose. If you sneeze or cough, do so into your elbow or a tissue.
3. Open the window. If possible, roll down the window to improve ventilation.

  • Can I change my destination after requesting a Pool Chance trip?

You cannot change your pickup or dropoff locations after requesting a Pool Chance trip.

  • How many riders are allowed on a Pool Chance trip?

You can only request a Pool Chance trip if you are traveling alone. If you bring along additional riders, the trip can be canceled and you might be asked to request an UberX ride instead.

  • Can I ask the driver to decline an additional passenger pickup?

Please remember that you have opted to share your ride with another rider for a more affordable fare. If you prefer to have a private ride or are running late, please end your Pool Chance trip and request an UberX.

  • What if I request Pool Chance by mistake?

If you didn’t mean to request Pool Chance, please cancel your trip and request UberX instead.