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Stress-free daily commute with Uber Shuttle

May 13, 2019 / Ukraine


We’re excited to introduce our next innovation to bring the high quality and safety standards of Uber to even more Kyiv riders.

Meet UberShuttle – a shared ride option for your commute with a price affordable for every day and guaranteed seat to yourself. When you book a Shuttle ride through the app, you have a seat on a clean, high-quality vehicle with air conditioning that will take you all the way from home to work – no more transfers.

How much is an UberShuttle trip?

The price of an UberShuttle trip is dependent on the length of a trip. Tarrifs as of 13.08.2020:

20 UAH for trips between 0-4 km
25 UAH for trips between 4-6 km
30 UAH for trips between 6-8 km
35 UAH for trips between 8-10 km
40 UAH for trips between 10-12 km
45 UAH for trips between 12-14 km
50 UAH for trips between 14-16 km
55 UAH for trips between 16-18 km
60 UAH for trips longer than 18 km

Where does UberShuttle operate?

UberShuttle currently operates in the test mode. We are planning to extend the coverage and add new routes in the future. We will keep you posted.

How to ride with UberShuttle?
  • Enter your destination in the Uber app.

If a nearby Shuttle route is available, you can select your ride. You can view all Shuttle routes in the side menu of the app and request a ride by selecting the most convenient route for your trip.

  • Walk to the pick up point

When your seat is confirmed, you will see the driver information and walking directions to the pickup spot. Track the Shuttle in real time through the app and meet your driver at the pick up point.

  • Board the Shuttle and show your ticket to the driver.

If you have chosen to pay for the ride with cash, you will pay the driver. If you chose to pay via app – just hop on and enjoy the ride.

  • Arrive at your drop-off point

In the app, you can see the drop off spot along the route closest to your destination. You will receive a notification as we approach that stop. Check the app for walking directions to your final destination.


* Make sure you are using the latest version of the Uber app

**You’ll always receive walking directions and timings directly on your Uber app.

***You will have access to all the Uber safety features you usually do on any Uber ride – like sharing your trip with loved ones.