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How to get HELP

January 3, 2018 / Ukraine


Got some issues and need to contact to us? We are ready to help you 24/7! There are easy ways to connect the Uber team through mobile and desktop.

How to contact to Uber Help?

  1. Open the Menu in the top left corner on your screen in Uber app
  2. Choose “Your trips” section and select the trip you had an issue with
  3. Tap the relevant issue type from options and submit your inquiry

Want to find out more information about without directly speaking to our team?

  1. Open the Menu in Uber app
  2. Select “Help” section and tap a category you have an issue with
  3. Read the information and submit your inquiry if it is needed

If you have no access to Uber on your mobile, you may contact to Customer Support through Desktop version at

  1. Choose your category (rider or driver) in the left bottom corner on the screen
  2. Write the  topic of your issue in the “Search” section
  3. Sign In with your phone number or email
  4. Complete the form with the details and press “Submit”

After Your message arrives we will help  you in the shortest time possible. You may check our answer in App on the Help section. Also you will receive a push-message and email with our response. If you contacted regarding to Cancellations or Non-optimal Trip Route, then you may get automatic reply that will solve your issue immediately.


  • How long I have to wait to receive an answer?

Our team will come back to you with an answer in 24 hours

  • Can I contact Uber Team from desktop?

If you can’t access the “Help” section from Uber app on your phone, you can go also reach to us on and search the right option for you.

  • Can I reach Uber Team with phone?

You can contact to HELP center  within Uber app or at

  • I received credits on my account after contacting for Сancellations. Ho I can use them?

Credits – virtual amount on your Uber balance. To check your credits balance, select “Payment” from your app menu. Then tap “Uber Credits”. Your credit amount is displayed in the currency the credit was issued and will automatically apply to your next trip. Please remember that credits cannot be transferred from one currency into another.

  • What if I have general questions on how app or specific feature works?

For those questions, start at and use the search feature to find a help article that matches your question.  

Enjoy your trips with Uber!