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Uber Car Seat: Safe, Reliable Rides for Kids!

June 14, 2017 / Singapore

Being a parent is no easy task, especially when it comes to traveling with young children in the car. With that in mind, we’re excited to launch Uber Car Seat in Singapore – the on-demand car seat option that’s aimed at providing a safe, reliable and convenient ride for parents (and their child) on the go.

Fast Fact: According to the Singapore law, children below 1.35m should be in a car seat for safety measures. It is illegal to ride without a car seat for kids below this height.

In partnership with Taxi Baby, Singapore’s most trusted travel safety speciality store, all Uber Car Seat vehicles are equipped with the IMMI Go Car Seat that’s suitable for child aged 12 months old. Car seats are installed in just under 60 seconds and in 5 simple steps, your child will be safely buckled up and ready to go!

“We are excited to launch Uber Car Seat and we believe that IMMI Go is the right product for our riders. Together with Taxi Baby, we’re committed to encourage better land transport safety habits, especially among families with young children in Singapore.” Warren Tseng, General Manager of Uber Singapore 

“Currently, only 6% of kids in Singapore are placed in proper child restraints. Uber Car Seat is addressing a real need in the market by providing a feasible and safe solution by equipping cars with a car seat for younger children.” – Elise Mawson, certified Child Safety Passenger Technician 


  • Meets legal requirements: According to the Singapore law, children below 1.35m should be in a car seat for safety measures. The IMMI Go Car Seats caters for kids 1.45m and below.
  • Drivers are trained and certified: Our highest-rated uberX driver-partners are trained and certified on how to safely secure the IMMI Go Car Seats by a qualified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST).
  • Quality seats, safe rides: The IMMI Go was designed and certified to the US Standards FMVSS 213 and meets all the requirements set by the Singapore Road Traffic Act. Uber has been working with IMMI Go all around the world to ensure we provide the best for kids on the move.


  1. Enter your destination in the ‘Where to’ section in the Uber app
  2. Scroll to ‘Extra Seats’ and tap ‘CAR SEAT’
  3. An Uber Car Seat ride will be there within minutes!


  • Child eligibility: Uber Car Seat provides one forward-facing car seat for a child who is at least (a) 12 months old AND (b) weighs between 10 to 25kg.
  • Pricing: Rates for Uber Car Seat will be the same as our affordable option, uberX, with a $5 booking fee.
  • Before you ride: Please visit our Uber Car Seat FAQ page to find important information about the IMMI Go Car Seat and Uber Car Seat.