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UberFLASH is arriving now

January 18, 2018 / Singapore

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with ComfortDelGro, Singapore’s largest taxi company, to bring you UberFLASH!

Beginning 19 January 2018, get a ride faster with UberFLASH—a new product in the Uber app that matches you to the nearest uberX or ComfortDelGro taxi so that you can get a ride faster at an even more affordable price.

Whether you’re running late for work, or just can’t wait to get home after a long day, we know every minute counts. With UberFLASH, get anywhere in the city faster and more affordably, at the tap of a button.

How to request UberFLASH:

1) Enter your destination in the ‘Where to’ section of the Uber app
2) Select ‘UberFLASH’ under Economy
3) Tap ‘Request UberFLASH’
4) Your ride will be there within minutes


New to Uber? Download the Uber app and apply the code in the ‘Payment’ section to ride for less.


What is UberFLASH?
UberFLASH is a new product in the Uber app that matches riders to the closest available ride, which includes private-hire cars and ComfortDelGro taxis. The combined fleet of cars and taxis now available on the Uber app means riders can get a car faster and at an affordable price.

What is the difference between booking an UberFLASH vs hailing a taxi?
UberFLASH is a product in the Uber app that includes both private-hire cars and ComfortDelGro taxis. This allows riders to have short wait times at a more affordable upfront price. With UberFLASH, you don’t have to hail or queue for a ride—simply request a seamless ride to your doorstep.

Will riders pay the taxi meter rate or the Uber rate?
Whether you are matched with a taxi or a car, you can enjoy upfront fares where the price of your ride will be shown upon booking. Do note that it may be subject to dynamic pricing when demand is high.

Can riders pay with cash or credit card?
Riders may pay for rides via cash or credit card via the Uber App. If cash is your preferred payment method in the app and you are matched with a ComfortDelGro taxi, you will now have the option to pay via i) Cash, ii) all major credit cards, NETS, NETSPAY, Alipay, DBS PayLah, EZ-Link and CabCharge card through the taxi in-car payment terminal.

Can I request an UberFLASH at the Airport?
Yes, but you will only be matched with private-hire cars. Request a ride at our designated pick-up locations at the airport as indicated in-app.

Are UberFLASH trips subject to Wait Time?
Yes, UberFLASH trips will be subject to Wait Time. If your driver waits at your pick-up location for more than 3 minutes, per min charge for Wait Time on UberFLASH trips will be $0.20.

Can I see the driver and license number / Can I share my ETA / Can I rate my driver?
Yes, you can. UberFLASH is powered by the same technology as all other Uber products and you will be able to enjoy all Uber features including driver details, sharing trip status, driver ratings and split fare on UberFLASH.

Can I ensure that I only get a Taxi and not a private-hire car?
If you request UberFLASH, you could be matched with either a private-hire car or ComfortDelGro taxi. If you would like to specifically request a taxi, swipe right to “More” after you set your destination. Select ‘Taxi’ and request your ride. Do note that fares on Taxi are calculated as per the taxi meter rate.