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Uber Commute: save your way from home to work

March 12, 2018 / Singapore

Uber Commute is a new carpooling option designed to reduce the cost of transportation for commuters in Singapore. 

Need a ride to work? Get an affordable door-to-door ride from a neighbour, on your schedule. And if you drive to work, you can pick someone up along the way to cover your fuel costs.


How to get a Commute ride

1) Tap the menu icon in your Uber app and select ‘Commute’

2) Input your “Home” and “Work” address

3) Select your preferred timing and date of pick-up up to 5 days in advance. Do remember to set your schedule for ‘Home to Work’ and ‘Work to Home’ separately.

4) Request, and when a match is made, you’ll be notified

Try Commute now

Please be patient on being matched with a Commute driver as more join our community over the coming days. Keep scheduling your rides and you’ll be matched with a driver soon!

All commute rides will be available at a 30% discount until 30 March. Please note that the fare displayed will not include the discount but it will be reflected on your receipt.

Commute Community Guidelines

Whether it’s sitting in the front seat, being on time or making sure to cancel well in advance, small gestures go a long way. Follow these pro-tips to ensure a great experience for you and your driver on Commute.

Driving to work?

Pick someone along the way to work and cover the cost of your trips to and from work.

Be a Commute driver


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