Uber Car Seat in Singapore FAQ

June 13, 2017 / Singapore

General Questions

What is Uber Car Seat? Uber Car Seat is an on-demand car seat option; the perfect transportation option for parents on the go. All Uber Car Seat vehicles are installed with the IMMI Go Car Seat that’s easy to install and safe for kids aged 1 year old and above and weighs between 10 to 25kg.

How much is an Uber Car Seat ride?  Rates for Uber Car Seat will be the same as uberX, plus a $5 surcharge.

How do I know if my child can ride on Uber Car Seat? Uber Car Seat provides one forward-facing car seat for a child who is at least (a) 12 months old AND (b) weighs between 10 to 25kg.

My child is a toddler (below 12 months old). Are they allowed in the car seat? The Singapore laws states that kids under the height of 1.35m tall would need to be in a car seat. The IMMI Go Car Seat in Uber Car Seat is best suited for children who are at least (a) 12 months old AND (b) weigh between 10 to 25kg. We do welcome parents and family members to bring their own car seat if they own one for their toddler below 12 months old.

What’s the car seat brand that’s installed in Uber Car Seat? Uber offers the IMMI Go Car Seat for all Uber Car Seat rides. More details can be found at

Who is IMMI Go?  IMMI is a worldwide industry leader for the past 50 years in the design, testing, and manufacturing of advanced safety systems. Read more about IMMI Go here

What if I have 2 kids who need car seats? Do the cars have more than 1 car seats? At this point in time, all Uber Car Seat rides are fitted with one forward-facing car seat. If you require more than one car seat, we would recommend to request two separate rides or you have the option to bring one car seat of your own

What if my child is too small for the IMMI Go? Children who are too small to ride in the IMMI Go need to ride in a rear-facing car seat. While any rear-facing seat can go in an Uber, some will work better than others. For safety reasons, you’ll want a car seat that can be installed easily and securely without its base (as you won’t want to be schlepping that along everywhere you go!). For the sake of convenience, you’ll most likely want a seat that fits onto a stroller.

What if my child is too big for the IMMI Go? Children who are too big for the IMMI Go need to instead use a booster seat, which will allow for the seat belt to be properly positioned on their hip, chest, and collar bones.

Who makes the IMMI Go seat and does it meet safety standards? IMMI is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacturing of straps, buckles, and iso-FIX hardware for many of the car seats in the US. The IMMI Go Car Seat meets all the requirements (i.e., crash testing, labeling, etc.) set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.

Do Uber drivers know how to install the car seat properly? We have devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort to ensure that partner drivers know how to properly, and safely, install the car seats. How did we do this? We chose the IMMI Go Car Seat for its easy installation process and flexibility to adjust between children of different ages. We worked with IMMI directly in tailoring the car seat to fit the needs and specifications of our partner vehicles. Drivers are trained and certified by a credible CPS technician who has been certified and demonstrated that they could install the IMMI Go Car Seat properly in their own vehicle AND could secure a child safely into the seat (in case a parent were to need help securing his or her child).

Who is in charge of maintaining the car seat? Just as our Uber driver-partners take pride in maintaining the cleanliness of their own vehicles, so too will each driver take responsibility for maintaining the car seat. If any driver should encounter problems with the seat, they know the correct protocol to follow up and get assistance if necessary.

Are all uberX driver-partners equipped with a car seat? The Uber team is working hard to onboard as many driver-partners on the Uber Car Seat platform every day to ensure that your waiting time will be kept low as we continuously improve on the product. 

Is there any restrictions on my pick-up location? To ensure your driver-partner can safely buckle your child in the car seat, we recommend that your pick-up location is by a driveway or an appropriate drop-off bar. Do refrain from getting picked up from main roads and curb sides.