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UberEATS Principles

November 7, 2017 / Netherlands

To ensure the quality and safety of the UberEATS app, there are UberEATS principles. By following these principles, you will get the most out of UberEATS.


UberEATS Principles

1. Personal Account
Never share your personal UberEATS account details with other people

2. Delivery bag
Always use an UberEATS approved insulated bag to move the food. If no bag is used the meal costs will be deducted from your payments

3. Traffic rules
Ride safely and abide by the applicable traffic rules

4. Alcohol = ID check
Always check the eater’s ID when delivering an alcohol order and collect their signature. No ID check will be fined by independent enforcement agencies.

5. Phone Number
Make sure your Uber registered phone number is reachable when doing deliveries

6. Use the correct vehicle
Only do deliveries with a scooter if you have added the scooter on your UberEATS profile

7. Don’t delay
Don’t delay the delivery in any way

8. Read the instructions
Read pickup and dropoff instructions when doing a delivery

9. Clothing
Wear decent clothing


In case of not adhering to the UberEATS Principles you risk losing access to the app.