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Do you want to become an Uber partner-driver? With Uber, you are your own boss

August 28, 2018 / Netherlands

Always wanted to be your own boss and set your own times? This is your chance! With Uber, you decide when and how much you’re working. It is suitable for everyone, whether you already have a lot of driving experience or not. And there’s definitely no lack of passengers, as with the Uber app, you literally have thousands of riders at hand.

A typical ride
A passenger who would like to travel with Uber opens the app, enters their destination and pickup location, and hits ‘Request’. If you are an Uber partner-driver nearby, you will automatically receive a notification of the ride request and you’ll be able to accept it. Using the built-in navigation function, you pick up your passenger and after you’ve checked each other’s name and destination, you’re good to go. After the ride, you can rate one another, and your rider also has the possibility to give a tip. So, up your game and possibly earn something extra. The app often sends new requests to your device as soon as you approach your destination, this way you can proceed to the next passenger directly.

The app knows the way
Not familiar with the area where you drive? The app gives directions to the pickup location and the destination of your passenger. This way, your eyes can be on the road. Moreover, the app alerts you when there are low-priced petrol stations close by. Do you want to know more about the app? You can find all functions and tips on our special page about the driver app.

Decide for yourself when you drive
With Uber, you drive whenever it suits you, making it easier for you to combine driving with other things in life, such as your family or other work. Because you set your own times, it’s possible make overnight trips if you like as well. Uber is available 24/7. All you have to do is open the app, tap ‘Online’ and you’re ready to pick up your first passenger. Easy does it!

You are your own boss. That also means you decide how much money you make. The more you drive, the more you earn. It’s that simple. After each ride, you can see how much you’ve made, and the app keeps track if you’re making your daily and weekly sales targets.

No car? No problem
Sounds all right so far, but… what if you don’t have a car? Don’t worry! Uber cooperates with various leasing companies that offer special packages to Uber partner-drivers. You can profitably lease a car that meets all requirements and you will receive your car within 48 hours. It’s also possible to drive an electric model if you prefer. Do you already have a car? Check if it’s suitable for use with Uber.

Do you want to know more or become an Uber driver straight away? You can find more information on our website or register directly. Drive with Uber now and work whenever it suits you.