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Green Future Programme: Electric vehicle incentive

September 21, 2020 / Netherlands

Receive 1.000 EUR for switching to an electric vehicle ⚡️

Take a step towards a green future

Uber is going green
Uber has committed to becoming a 100% electric mobility platform across all global business lines by 2040. Amsterdam will lead the way by becoming 100% electric by 2025.

Helping you make the transition
We’re excited to launch the Green Future programme in the Netherlands, which will help speed up the transition. Uber is giving away 100 x 1.000 EUR incentives to driver partners who make the switch to an electric vehicle and complete a minimum number of trips.

Who is eligible for the Green Future programme?

Uber Netherlands partners who have completed 250 lifetime trips and at least one trip in the past three months can apply for the Green Future programme.

How to sign up for the Green Future programme

As a partner driver you can apply for the Green Future programme here. To complete your application you will need to confirm your intent to register an EV on the Uber platform and accept the terms and conditions.

How to register a new EV

If you are accepted into the Green Future programme you will have received a detailed email with all the necessary information. You will then have two months to register your new vehicle to your Uber profile. Please have in mind that your vehicle registration document will need to show the same name or company as on your taxi permit.



Vehicle selection


Terms & conditions
Promotion validity:
Promotion end date: December 31, 2020

Uber reserves the right to withhold or offset payments in the event of any error, suspicion of fraud, illegality or violation of the Driver Terms or these terms and conditions. Promotional amounts may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice.