Catch an Uber ride to Schiphol Airport

July 4, 2019 / Netherlands

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There are few things as stressful are having to catch a flight first thing in the morning. What if the train suddenly has a delay or if there’s a huge traffic jam on the road? Many people like to leave a few hours earlier but waiting a long time at the airport isn’t an ideal way to start your holiday either. Here, we’ll show you a better way: book an Uber ride to Schiphol (or to Rotterdam. The Hague or Eindhoven airport) and you can start enjoying yourself from the moment your journey starts.

Riding with Uber to Schiphol Airport: the biggest benefits

In addition to being able to relax completely and no longer having to think about how to get from A to B, an Uber ride to the airport brings a number of other benefits:

Book your ride in advance

There are people who pack their bags days before and carefully plan their route to the airport well in time, but not all of us are this organized. Are you more of a last-minute traveler? Then arranging transportation to the airport is probably the last thing you think about. Whether you’re a big planner or only take care of everything at the last minute, you can do both with Uber. 

You can book your ride the night before so that you can sleep peacefully or open the app 5 minutes before you leave (remember that it can be busier during peak hours or during major events). A driver will be with you in any case to get you to the airport as quickly as possible.

Special pick-up areas

Catching a ride from your destination airport (or back home again) booking with Uber also has its perks. Most airports have a special Uber pick-up zone that the app will direct you to the airport to make tracking down your ride as easy as possible.

Catch a ride 24/7

Is your flight leaving at 6 am? No worries: you can request a ride with a driver via the Uber app whenever you want. It’s also useful if you want to get up early during your vacation to admire the sunrise.

There’s plenty of room

Whether you’re traveling with 2 giant suitcases or heading out with the whole family, our cars come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate. Do you need extra space? Then select Van instead of uberX. Or are you looking to travel in style? Then catch a ride with Black.

With Uber to Schiphol

An Uber ride to Schiphol Airport from the center of Amsterdam takes approximately half an hour. The price will depend on the time you travel, the traffic on the road and the type of car you book. You can always see an estimate of the price before confirming a ride.

To ensure that your driver can get you as close as possible to the correct gate, it is important to know upfront at which departure hall you should be. This depends on the airline with which you are flying – most budget airlines fly from departure hall 3.

So, are you going on vacation soon? Don’t let travel stress stand in the way of anticipation – you can arrive at the airport relaxed and ready for a holiday with the help of Uber. 

Happy Traveling!