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Make travel safe using Uber abroad

July 4, 2019 / Netherlands

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On holiday, trying and discovering new things is a big part of your day, but sometimes it can be nice to know what to expect. Transport is a good example of this. When you want to move quickly from one place to another in an unknown city, isn’t it handy that you can simply request a ride with Uber, just like at home? 

When you travel with Uber, you avoid the hassle of bus tickets or long queues at the train and you get a reliable service, wherever you are. Curious about how you can travel safely with Uber abroad? Let’s take a look.

Trusted pricing

When you’re abroad, often the country you’re visiting could have a different currency. That can make it difficult to calculate how much your ride should cost, and whether someone is trying to overcharge you. the Uber app always gives you a fare estimate upfront, so you know how much your ride costs and you can rest assured that the price is in line with market fares. 

24/7 availability

You can order an Uber at any time of the day (and night). This means that you can get wherever you need to be in the city without having to take bus times and public transport into account. When you’re ready to head back, just order, get picked up by the driver and arrive back at your hotel safe and sound.

 A familiar face

Wherever you are, you can always order your Uber ride via the same app on your phone. You don’t have to fiddle with foreign numbers, download new apps or head to a taxi office. You can just open the same familiar Uber app on your phone, enter where you want to go and before you know it, a driver will pick you up from your hotel.

Know your ride

Before drivers can start driving on the Uber platform, we perform a thorough background check. You can count on the fact that any driver who picks you up via the app has been verified by us. During the ride, you can also share your live destination with friends, family or your travel buddies via the app, so that they can see exactly where you are. 

Tip: Did you know you can setup a list of Trusted Contacts? Every time you take a ride, the app will remind you to keep these contacts informed.

Decide where you will be picked up

When you book a ride, you decide where you want to be picked up, and because we notify you when the driver is arriving, you don’t have to wait for your ride in an unknown place alone. You can even choose to change your pick-up location at the last minute if you would rather wait somewhere else. When your abroad, you need a service that’s reliable but also makes you feel comfortable.

Alert drivers

Your driver’s time on the road is limited. Drivers are notified when they reach the driving hour limit, and are automatically logged out of the system  after exceeding the time limit. They must then take a break of minimum ten hours before they can continue driving. This way, you know that your driver has had the opportunity to rest and is alert and fit. Driving hour limits make your ride and the roads safer for everyone.

The Uber Safety Toolkit

The safety toolkit for both riders and drivers is available at the tap of a button during any ride. In this toolkit you will find all kinds of safety tips, 24/7 in-app support, information about the driver and even an emergency help button to call the local authorities if you’re in need of assistance.

Make traveling abroad safer with Uber. We’re happy to help you get from A to B as comfortably and safely as possible in any part of the world, so that you can fully enjoy your well-deserved holiday.