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Ride with your friends with UberVAN

November 15, 2018 / Netherlands

Imagine you’ve been invited to a wedding together with a few friends. You’ve come up with a nice gift and are ready for a good time, but there’s still one thing to sort out: who’s going to drive? All of a sudden you need one or two cars, because the last time it was a little too snug in the back seat.

But, there’s a simple solution to all of this – UberVAN is here to whisk you all off to the ball in a hurry. With seats for up to 6 people, everyone fits, no one has to drive, and, best of all, no designated driver is needed.

Happy Uber riders in car

Bigger is better
If you want to travel with a group, you can choose between different cars when requesting a ride, so an Uber for 5 people or more may also be an option. However, not all vehicles are always available, so it might be useful to schedule a trip in advance – be aware that this feature is not available in all locations in the Netherlands. And don’t forget the presents! Make sure to book a ride that will fit everyone and everything.

Pick up your friends on the way
Did you know that you can add stops on the way to your destination? You don’t have to get everyone over to catch the ride together, just use the multiple destinations feature to pick them up on the way. No need to keep everyone waiting at the door in suits or dresses – share your trip status and they can see exactly when you’re about to come up the street. This should especially come in handy when you need to dodge some inclement weather on the way to your ride.

Uber friends in car

Share the fare
Onto the main event! It’s also nice to know that on arrival, there’s no need to mess around collecting change for the ride as it will be paid for automatically via the Uber app. But what about sharing the costs with your friends? Easy – just tap ‘Split fare’ before or during the ride and enter the names and phone numbers of all your fellow passengers. If everyone has accepted, the bill will automatically be shared between everyone’s accounts. This way you can easily get everyone to the destination and, with fair splitting, there’s no need to mess around with payment once you arrive.

Go hard or ride home…
The party is far from over, but not everyone can stay until the end. No problem – just because you came together doesn’t mean you have to leave all at once. Order your own Uber ride with anyone else ready to leave for the same convenient, quality ride. Rides are available 24 hours a day, so forget about the morning after and focus on letting the good times roll.

Uber riders in car

See, there’s no need to rent a minivan or book multiple taxis to get to a party with a group of friends. UberVAN offers just enough extra space and freedom for you and your friends to travel comfortably and arrive in the party mood. Enjoy!