Meet the new Black – more comfortable than ever before

July 10, 2019 / Netherlands

You may have taken a ride with Black before. Perhaps for a quieter, more comfortable ride on the way to a meeting or heading from the airport to your hotel. If you liked Black then, we have some good news. We took your feedback and made a lot of improvements. And now, our luxury ride option has returned more stylish and luxurious than ever before: a high-quality ride, top-rated premium drivers, higher demand on the cars and extras to ensure a personalized and unforgettable journey. We’re talking pure business class.

De verbeterde Uber Black

What is Black?

An uberX ride is already a comfortable and relaxed way to ride, of course. But, if you’re looking for lavish comfort and quality, a ride with Black is always an option. Strut your stuff with your friends, make a grand entrance at the function or find a quiet environment to make a call or work comfortably on your way to an appointment. With this ride option, how you ride is up to you. So whether you’re on your way to the airport or the restaurant, what can you expect from the new Black?

  • Quiet Mode: if you want to work quietly, answer emails or take a moment to quietly gaze out of the window, you can indicate that at the touch of a button with Black. Of course, there’s always the option of conversation as well.
  • Luggage assistance: you can alert your driver if you’d like help with your luggage, whether you’re unloading your suitcases at the airport or packing them up at the hotel. Black makes travel easier and more comfortable at every stage of the trip.
De verbeterde Uber Black
  • Temperature control: set the desired temperature for your ride from the backseat or before you even get in.
  • Extra pickup time: you have an extra 5 minutes of time to catch your ride.
  • Premium Support: if you drive with Black, you have exclusive access to Premium Support, so you can call immediately if you need help.
  • Professionalism: riding with Black means you’ll be driven by a first-class, certified and experienced driver with a minimum score of 4.8 stars.
  • Consistent quality: you can always expect the same high standards from Black cars. That way you will never be confronted with surprises.
De verbeterde Uber Black

When you choose Black, you’re always in for a luxury ride. With these new options and features, we’re certain that you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed after your ride, wherever you go. Curious? Book a ride yourself to see the difference for yourself. But be warned: after riding with Black, you won’t want to go back to a normal ride.

Happy riding!