Thank you for launching Tuk-tuk

Whenever you want, Tuk-tuk will arrive at your doorstep at the tap of a button. It’s that simple. Now you can get a Tuk-tuk ride without any waiting and bargaining troubles. 

No bargaining

No more haggling each time you get into a Tuk-tuk. Once you feed in your destination, we’ll show you the fare estimate before you book. You can always check your receipt for the fare breakdown in your Uber app.

Doorstep pickup

Your days of standing around and trying to find a Tuk-tuk are gone. Just fire up your Uber app and choose the Tuk-tuk option. Feed in your destination, and your Uber Tuk-tuk will make its way to your doorstep.

Choose your payment method

Once your trip ends, you can pay with cash or card. As always, the choice is yours.