Go anywhere, any time in Colombo. Here are seven reasons to try Uber

August 19, 2018 / Colombo

Economy ride options in ColomboMultiple Ride Options

Small car or big? Shared ride or solo? You get to choose what kind of ride you want. Swipe through the displayed options, pick one and be off!

Fair, Upfront Pricing

Just enter your destination and we will show you upfront how much your ride will cost. That means no haggling or confusion later.

Easy Pickups with UberEasy Pickups

Your Uber will come over to where you are and pick you up. We will notify you when it’s arriving – you won’t have to wait on the curb a minute longer than necessary. You can also track your driver’s location on the map.

Safe Rides

Match your driver’s photo, license plate and car details with those on the app before you hop in. As you ride, you can check your route, traffic conditions and estimated arrival time. You can also share your trip status with someone you trust.

Uber on trip extrasOn-trip Extras

As you ride, swipe through the in-app notifications to get travel tips, getaway ideas, restaurant recommendations and more.

Flexible Payment Options

Use cash, card or Google Pay to pay for your rides. We often have exciting offers on these. After each trip, your receipt with the fare breakup will be emailed to you. You can also see these in the Payment tab on the app.

Separate Personal and Business ProfilesKeep Work Trips Separate

Need separate bills for business? Just create a Business profile on the app and use that to book work-related rides. We will send you a single report that shows all your work rides for a week or month.