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Leading the charge

for a greener London

Looking to reduce your fuel costs? Want to be a pioneer in the electric vehicle market? Keen to be a part of the solution to London’s air quality? If so, it might be time for you to go electric! This page is here to help guide you through this decision.

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Why should I drive an electric vehicle?

Advantages of driving an EV in London

No Fuel

Never fill up at a petrol station ever again. Whether you’re charging at home while you sleep, or at an Uber-only rapid charger in Central London, you’ll make significant savings to your weekly spend on fuel.

Car Deals

Our rental partners have competitive deals for you to lease/rent full EVs. Explore which vehicles are available in the UK.

Dedicated Charging Network

You will very soon be able to access Uber’s dedicated rapid charging network in Central London, where you will be able to charge most of your battery in under 30 minutes.

Minimal Maintenance

Never worry about air filters, oil changes, or engine damage again. Electric vehicles can cost as little as £5 per week for maintenance and servicing.

Extra Destination Requests

As an EV driver, you have access to extra Destination requests, allowing you to commute to and from the nearest chargepoint at any time, up to 6 times/day.

Airports: Queue while you charge

No need to waste time re-charging before joining the airport queue. If you charge at one of the 8 rapid chargers around London’s major airports, you’ll automatically join the queue.

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated team here at Uber who are here specifically to support you. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact the team on

Meet Uber EV Partner-Drivers

Aziz Bahri

Miles in an EV: 6,616
Trips in an EV: 1,430
Co2 Saved: 0.7 Tons

"Going to a petrol station is part of the past for me, people don’t see it yet, but for it’s a reality. No oil, no filter changes, and even the break pads last longer because the vehicle decelerates, limiting the use of the brakes. We are in the future, people just need to realise it."

Meet Uber EV Partner-Drivers

Raul Negru

Miles in an EV: 9,781
Trips in an EV: 1,848
Co2 Saved: 1.1 Tons

“At the beginning, I was anxious about how to charge and running out of battery, but the financial considerations motivated me to get an electric vehicle. A few month later, I feel better about myself. Driving into London and seeing those dirty diesels, I truly feel like I am not only saving money but also being a real change maker on my level in making London a cleaner place."

How do I start driving for EV?

Get there in 3 easy steps


Register your interest

Register your interest If you would like a call back from one of our EV rental partners, WeFlex, Otto or PCO Rentals please share your contact information by emailing


Get a phone call

The rental company will give you a call back to share its EV rental and leasing options.


Collect your vehicle

Once you have arranged a deal with the vehicle provider, collect your EV!

Join the movement

How much does it cost?

Flexible lease from £99/week

Learn more about available vehicles here.

Rental from £160/week*

*+£70/week for comprehensive insurance

Interested in driving with an electric vehicle?

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