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Uber Medics – Driver Information

November 11, 2020 / United Kingdom

What is Uber Medics?

Many drivers have asked us how they can provide help to those who need it during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we are bringing Uber Medics back on November 11. Uber Medics provides 25% (capped at £30 savings per ride) cheaper rides and 15 minutes of waiting time to NHS and care home staff. Uber will not make any money from these trips, and drivers will receive the same fares on Uber Medics trips as normal Uber trips.*

*This is because Uber is paying 25% of the fare on the rider’s behalf.

Further savings with Mastercard have now expired.

How it works

All drivers in England and Wales who are under 60 years old with no underlying health conditions will be able to receive Uber Medics trips. However, if you do not wish to receive Uber Medics trips, you can opt out at any time by following the steps below. 

Note – if you are what the NHS have deemed to be a high risk (e.g. have underlying health conditions or are above 60 years old) we highly recommend that you opt out of Uber Medics and stay at home, in line with NHS advice.

How to opt out

You can opt out of Uber Medics trips in your driving preferences hub in-app from November 11, when the product goes live. To opt out of Uber Medics, simply:

  1. Open ‘Trip planner’ in the driver app from the map by tapping the menu button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to ‘Driving preferences’ by tapping the preferences button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on ‘Uber Medics’ and switch the option to ‘OFF’.

If you have not opted out of receiving Uber Medics trips you can still choose not to accept or cancel the trip in the moment (the app will show that it is an Uber Medics trip). Your confirmation or cancellation rate for Uber Medics trips will not be used to determine your eligibility for Uber Pro, premium products or any other services or benefits.

Safety and Uber Medics trips

For Uber Medics trips it is required for Uber partner drivers to:

  • Wear a face covering or mask at all times, as legally required
  • Have and use hand sanitiser regularly
  • Clean your vehicle after every trip, focusing on areas that riders may have touched, like seat belts or car doors and handles
  • Open the window to improve ventilation

We recommend that while you clean your vehicle you:

  • Wear disposable gloves
  • Wear a disposable apron
  • Use antibacterial surface spray to clean the surfaces

If you receive back to back trips, we recommend that you ask your rider to wait for a few minutes while you sanitise the back of your vehicle. We have told riders about this cleaning requirement, so they should not be surprised that this is needed.

We are also asking that riders keep your wellbeing in mind by:

  • Wearing face coverings or masks at all times, as legally required
  • Washing their hands (or using hand sanitiser) before entering the vehicle
  • Giving you space by sitting in the back seat on the left hand side of the vehicle
  • Opening the window to improve ventilation

And, in line with Government guidance, we ask that if you feel sick (e.g. if you have a mild illness, respiratory symptoms, or a fever of 38C or above) please stay at home and keep away from others. If your symptoms get worse, call 111. To learn more about how Uber is supporting drivers with COVID-19, click here.

Ensuring you get the PPE you need

We want to ensure that you have the personal protective equipment (PPE) listed above, so don’t forget to claim your free Unilever Hygiene Kits at our webstore – check your inbox for your personal promo code. Terms and conditions apply. We are also offering to reimburse you for purchasing PPE up to the total value of £25. To learn more about how to claim for PPE reimbursement, click here.

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