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New commute features and meal delivery are helping companies as they return to the office

September 22, 2020 / Global

As businesses around the world reimagine everyday work and begin to plan their reopening strategies, they are looking for ways to best support employees—from commuting to socially distanced meetings to the new office meal experience. In every city and state, companies are considering how to make this transition in the near future as seamless and safe as possible. 

Increasingly, organizations are turning to partners like Uber for Business to help guide their office-return strategy and set up custom commute and meal solutions, so that employees don’t have to leave the office in order to get healthy meals. Whether you’re an essential business with commuting needs today or a business that is planning to return to the office when local guidelines allow for it, Uber for Business provides the tools so that you can plan your strategy. 

With these burgeoning needs in mind, Uber for Business is rolling out 2 commute-specific solutions over the next few weeks to further support businesses in getting their employees back to the office when they’re ready. Both solutions will launch as pilots in North America, Europe, and the APAC region, including India, before rolling out more broadly later this year. The launches address an increased interest from employers in creating commute programs for their employees around the world who are looking for alternatives to traditional transportation. 

Since the onset of COVID-19, interest in Uber for Business’ commute programs has nearly doubled. Rideshare solutions that are tailored to company and employee needs, as well as local social distancing guidelines, will play a significant role in how businesses reimagine their commuting experience.

Employee Group Rides

People naturally feel more comfortable commuting with co-workers, as opposed to strangers. Taking this into consideration, new Employee Group Rides will leverage Uber’s existing rideshare technology to match employees from the same company when they request a ride to work. Individual employees will have the ability to request, manage, and pay for their own portion of their trip and will ride exclusively with colleagues during days and times specified by their employers. Employers can also opt to subsidize or fully cover the cost of rides for employees. 

Business Charter 

For companies looking to provide a more robust commute program to their employees, Uber for Business will soon allow companies to reserve a Business Charter provided by third-party fleet partners—including sedans, SUVs, vans, and buses—for their employees. Seats will be easy to request for all or select employees for the days and times that are required. Companies will be able to connect with third-party fleet partners that offer enhanced safety and cleanliness standards to best suit customers’ needs. 

The latest solutions build on Uber for Business’ existing suite of offerings, which are already in high demand and have been used by companies including Eataly and the New York Stock Exchange to manage employees’ commutes. 

Eataly first reached out to Uber for Business to help support their essential workers program in North America. Using Uber for Business, Eataly created a customized commute program that would help employees get to and from work with ease and comfort.
“The health and well-being of our employees is our highest priority. We wanted to provide our essential workers with convenient and safe commuting options as well as subsidize their costs,” says Dino Borri, Global Vice President of Brand Partnerships at Eataly. “Uber for Business gave us the ability to provide a cost-efficient solution to our employees while also encouraging social distancing.”

Uber’s existing solutions are also being used by other frontline workers, with programs supporting transportation for eligible essential employees in the US, the UK, Spain, France, and India, and across countries in Latin America.  

Uber for Business’ enhanced commute solutions are complemented by Uber for Business’ corporate meal solutions, which have also expanded rapidly in response to recent demand. In April, Uber for Business fast-tracked the expansion of its Uber Eats offerings into more than 20 international markets including Brazil, Canada, France, and the UK to help businesses support their employees in new ways by facilitating meals remotely. In June, Vouchers for Uber Eats was introduced to give companies even more control and flexibility over tailoring meal options to individual employee and guest needs. 

As employees think about returning to the office, they’re feeling uncomfortable about going out to a restaurant for lunch, according to a recent survey. Addressing this concern, Uber for Business helps employees access alternative meal options—whether they’re working from home or at the office—in order to keep employees conveniently fed while working.  

Uber for Business will continue playing a pivotal role in helping companies recover and get back to the office. For additional details about Uber’s commute-specific solutions, tap the button below. For more information on Uber’s overall suite of solutions for businesses and employees, visit