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Uber & Careem join forces!

As of January 02, 2020, Careem has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Uber.

We are thrilled to begin a brand new chapter for both Uber and Careem— and look forward to seeing both companies thrive and fast-track the future of mobility in this exciting part of the world. Working in parallel, the two platforms will be able to build upon the unique strengths of each, to the benefit of drivers, riders, and the cities we serve across the greater Middle East.

We strongly believe this completed acquisition will provide a great opportunity to expand the variety and reliability of services offered through our apps and have offered commitments in several countries across the Middle East to ensure that we continue to offer affordable transportation and high quality service, drive innovation in urban mobility, and promote healthy competition in a dynamic and fast-evolving field.

In Egypt, we have made a number of commitments including:

  • Innovation and service quality
  • Local presence
  • Separate branding
  • Access to data
  • No exclusivity for partners
  • Pricing restrictions

The full copies of the commitments made to the Egyptian Competition Authorities are here and here.