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7 ideas for planning virtual festive parties in 2020

October 6, 2020 / Africa

Summer has come and gone, and it’s hard to believe that the festive season is fast approaching. But with pandemic concerns still looming, it can be difficult to imagine what end-of-year celebrations will look like. Social distancing remains the standard, so event organisers need to get creative as they plan those virtual employee get-togethers. From quirky gift boxes and festive video-chat backgrounds to Uber gift cards, here are some of our favourite ideas for making the parties of 2020 special from afar.

Play dress-up

Everyone loves a good costume contest. Have guests dust off their favourite ugly sweater or ugly jumper, or themed hat. Put it to a virtual vote with the most festive taking the crown. We’ll let you decide the prize.

Get in the kitchen

COVID-19 has led to a rise in virtual, hands-on fun. Have a mixologist or a chef host a video cocktail experience or cooking class. Guests can toast their success through the screen while they enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Organise a gift exchange

The tradition of the office Secret Snowflake or Secret Santa lives on! Use an online gift exchange generator to have employees opt in, set a budget, and make a wish list. Have everyone open them at the party and let the cheer roll in.

Get into the cinema spirit

Host a virtual watch party and “live” stream a festive classic. Bonus points for those who theme their snacks or outfits with the movie.

Change up the background

With actual travel at a minimum, invite employees to take a virtual trip with their video-chat backgrounds. Inspire them to create their own festive screens, or let them choose from a selection of pre-made ones.

Don’t forget about snail mail

Events might be virtual, but that doesn’t mean the good old post is dead. Send employees festive gift boxes with themed treats, like cookies to decorate together … but apart. Or include some fun props for a not-so-planned video-chat photo shoot.

Surprise and delight with vouchers or gift cards

Uber vouchers and gift cards are a great way to add sparkle to your event or say thank-you for a year’s worth of hard work. Employees can order their favourite meals for delivery during the party or get their caffeine fix the next day. And if they want to request a ride for  their in-laws at the airport, we won’t object to that either.

Just because people can’t physically be together this year doesn’t mean that the celebrations will be any less festive. Learn more about how Uber for Business can help you upgrade your events this year.