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6 quick tips for work trips

October 11, 2018 / Africa

When you’re traveling for work, Uber is there to help you navigate a new city. Here are 6 tips for work trips that will make your journey—and your return—more efficient with Uber.

We know that many of our riders use Uber while traveling for work. Be sure to take advantage of our features to help make your work trips go smoothly.

1. Know your company’s travel policy

It’s always a good idea to review your company’s travel policy before booking a trip. You’ll want to make sure that you keep track of what kinds of expenses your company allows, any daily spend limits, and the requirements for expense submission when you get home. You’ll also want to make sure you’re aware of the preferred travel providers—like a certain hotel in a city, or using Uber for ground travel—that your organization partners with to avoid having to fill out additional paperwork or exemptions.

2. Know where to go at the airport

Uber is available at over 300 airports worldwide, and many will have a specific pick up point for rideshares. For example, you’ll want to go to the arrivals level at both SFO and HKG. Meanwhile, you’ll need to go to different levels at CDG depending on your terminal, and different levels at LAX depending on what kind of car you’re requesting. Most airports will have these pickup points clearly marked, but if you’re not sure, check out our airports page for more information.

3. Don’t rent a car if you don’t have to

Business travelers are increasingly preferring the use of ridesharing over rentals for shorter trips and for trips in more urban locations.1 Using a rideshare app while traveling is often a more convenient and cost-saving alternative to renting a car. If you’re traveling with two other colleagues and you all have large suitcases, you can split an UberXL trip to make sure your car has enough room. And as an added bonus, you’ll never have to worry about parking. Uber is available for your work trips in over 600 cities around the globe, so check to see if your destination is one of them.

4. Show up on time

Save yourself from, well, yourself, by planning ahead and scheduling an Uber trip the night before your big meeting or early flight. This will make sure you’re out the door at the right time to make it to your destination, or delayed by having to search through your inbox for the right address at the last minute. But if you are running behind, Uber allows you to share your ETA with your colleagues so they know when to expect your arrival. Share a specific trip with anyone in your contacts, or streamline the process by setting up a shared contact like a business partner or assistant who you’ll be able to easily select in the app. Click here for more information on how to share ride information.

5. Treat yourself

In an ideal world, your hotel of choice will have your favorite meal ready for you to order from room service. But if you find yourself dissatisfied with your hotel’s dining options, order from local restaurants with Uber Eats and enjoy a quiet night in without having to settle for your third hamburger of the week. Uber Eats is in 250+ cities globally in 35 countries across 6 continents, and we’re expanding our coverage in cities in Europe and the Middle East. With an average delivery time of under 31 minutes,2 you might even get your food faster than if you ordered room service. Give it a try by ordering online or downloading the Uber Eats app.

6. Streamline your expenses

Coming back from your work trips shouldn’t involve another headache. Uber provides a number of tools to make expensing easier, depending on how your business is set up. If you have questions, ask your travel manager or office manager about your company’s travel and expense policies (see tip #1).

Summing up

Whether you’re a travel manager or a roadwarrior, Uber for Business is available around the world to make business trips a little bit easier. Take advantage of our features to make tracking and expensing rides less of a hassle, and the app itself can help business travelers get where they need to go and enjoy their trip.

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2 Based on average actual delivery data over the past 12 months globally.