Important information about cancellation fees in Prague

August 7, 2018 / Czech Republic


We understand that sometimes you need to cancel the trip for various reasons. With Uber you can always cancel a trip in the app, and then re-order it as necessary.

Starting from today, July 19th, we are reviewing the cancellation fees in Prague. Updated cancellation fee for trips in Prague:

  • UberPOP 55 CZK for city center
  • Select  60 CZK for city center
  • Black 150 CZK  for city center

Cancellation fees outside city center can be higher.

Trip Cancellation Policy:

  1. If you cancel your trip 2 minutes after the driver has accepted your order, the cancellation fee will be charged.
  2. If you have not get into the car within-5 minutes after the driver arrived, the driver may cancel the trip, and you may be charged cancellation fee.
  3. For cancelled trips with cash payment, the cancellation fee will be added to your next Uber trip cost.

The cancellation fee is in place to ensure that drivers are fairly compensated for their time when committing to a trip. If you believe that the cancellation fee has been charged unjustified, you can contact the Support to review the trip cost.

Enjoy your rides with Uber!