Summer travel toolkit

August 1 / Czech Republic

Brno, we are here to help you move around the city

July 29 / Czech Republic

Uber for Business
Uber’s real estate VP weighs in on the future of in-office work

July 23 / Global

Introducing UberX with shield – rides with additional safety measures

June 22 / Czech Republic

Uber for Business
MultiChoice needed to transport critical employees during lockdown. Their choice? Uber for Business.

June 11 / Europe

Uber for Business
Uber + Big Fernand: Bringing business back with a commute program

June 8 / Europe

Uber for Business
3 Gen Z trends to watch out for: what managers should know

May 29 / Europe

Uber for Business
How Gen Z apps can enhance company policies

May 22 / Europe

They helped move the world. Learn how they can help your team.

May 19 / Global

Uber for Business
Uber + Singulart: Making virtual “happy hour” stand out with meal deliveries

May 18 / Europe

Uber for Business
Interview: Aurélie Krau’s advice on Gen Z, Millennials and business travel

May 13 / Europe

Uber for Business
3 Gen Z priorities that will affect business processes in the future

May 9 / Europe

Uber for Business
Redefining travel policies during a global crisis

May 8 / Europe

Uber for Business
How will the differences between Gen Z vs. Millennials impact business?

May 1 / Europe

Uber for Business
The needs and wants of a multigenerational workforce

April 13 / Europe

Andrew Macdonald’s pro-tips on working from home

April 3 / Global