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Learn about UberPool


Pick up riders going in the same direction. More riders in Toronto are using UberPool to get where they need to be and more riders per trip means higher earnings for partners.

How it works

What is UberPool

With UberPool, riders have the option of sharing their trip with other riders travelling on a similar path for a discounted rate, just like carpooling. Each rider pays their own trip fare and drivers receive multiple fares added together.

It is important to follow directions provided by the app during UberPool pickups since the Uber platform actively matches riders along a similar route.

Benefits of UberPool

Earn multiple fares at the same time


More riders = more fares

Riders travelling in the same direction will be automatically added to the trip which means more earnings for the driver.


Less downtime for drivers

More time is spent on trips and less downtime between trips


Making Toronto a better place

Reduced traffic congestion and carbon dioxide emissions by there being less cars on the road

How pay works

Earning with UberPool

Pool trips have a flexible Service Fee with the goal of making Pool earnings closer to what UberX earnings would be for the same time and distance traveled.

Not all UberPool trips are the same—some have more pickups or cover longer distances. The amount of the Service Fee is likely to be lower in cases where Pool trips are short or unmatched, and goes as low as 0% for some trips.

Official map

UberPool coverage area

To view a full-size map, click here.

Introducing Express Pool

More rides, less stress with Express Pool

Pool riders can now choose to walk to and from corner pickup and drop-off spots, so you can make quick stops with fewer detours.

Express Pool has a flexible Service Fee so that earnings stay close to what uberX earnings would be for the same time and distance travelled.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • 1. Do surge and Boost apply to UberPool pickups?

    Yes, UberPool surges the same as UberX. When you have multiple riders, each rider pays a set fare that gets added together.

  • 2. After i’ve picked up the first passenger, will trips be automatically accepted, even when i’m on the highway?

    The app knows when you're on the highway so it tries not to match UberPool trips when it's unsafe to do so. The application will try to match trips before the highway so that you can multiple fares at once with the most overlap.

  • 3. What are the fares for UberPool?

    Riders pay a discounted rate to share their ride with UberPool. The fare depends on how likely the rider is to get matched with another rider and by the time of day:

    • Middle of the night: 5-10% cheaper than UberX Weekday morning and evening: 25-35% cheaper than UberX.
    • Weekend evening and night: 25-40% cheaper than UberX
    • All other times: 20-25% cheaper than uberX
  • 4. How do I accept a second or third UberPool request while i’m driving?

    Each additional rider will be added to the uberPOOL trip automatically. Your route and directions will also be updated automatically. Your Uber partner app will notify you with a banner at the top of your screen and a sound so be sure to listen for it!

  • 5. Can I cancel a trip after it was automatically accepted?

    Yes, if your car is full or if the additional pickup is very inconvenient, you can cancel the additional request. However, earnings are generally higher when you have multiple pickups on the same UberPool.

  • 6. How much is the fee for a rider ‘no-show’?

    When a ride request or current trip is cancelled, you may be paid a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are noted in your payment statement. Please note that the Uber fee applies to the cancellation fee.

    Cancellation fees are applied in the following situations when:

    • A rider cancels a trip request more than 2 minutes after you accept the trip and you are running on time (within 5 minutes)
    • A rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location within 5 minutes of your arrival
    • An UberPool rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location within 2 minutes of your arrival
    • An UberPool rider cancels a trip request after you’ve accepted the request and you are not running behind

    Pro tip: Check the countdown timer on your app so you know when to cancel the trip and continue on your way.

    Pro tip: Call riders when you arrive and let them know it is a 2-minute wait (to be considerate to other riders waiting).

  • 7. What do I do if I get a new request and all of the seats in the car are full?

    It's very important that you confirm the number of riders before you start the trip. The driver app knows the capacity of your car and will not send any requests once your car is full. If the capacity is incorrectly entered, the app may automatically accept new riders. UberPool has a maximum of 4 passengers at one time.

  • 8. How do I know which rider I should drop off first?

    UberPool is calibrated to take the most efficient route on the map! If you follow the GPS, the app will automatically tell you which rider to drop-off first.

  • 9. Can an UberPool rider request multiple stops?

    No, with UberPool, the rider has to input their destination before they request a trip. The app calculates the most efficient routes and the best pick-ups on the route. It's important to remind riders before a trip starts that they are taking an UberPool trip. Politely remind the rider that UberPool trips cannot have multiple stops for the same rider. This is what makes it so affordable for riders!

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