Uber Eats

Upfront Pricing for Delivery People

June 1 / Canada

Why are we doing this?

Just as people ordering food can see how much they will pay in advance, delivery people will now see how much they’ll make on a delivery, alongside other details before they decide to accept it. We’re also introducing Trip Supplement, which may apply to certain trips to help make each trip’s earnings more reflective of the work that goes into it.

How does this impact me?

The amount restaurants currently pay delivery people for a delivery is calculated as a dropoff fee, pickup fee, a fee per kilometre from pickup to dropoff, and a fee per minute from arrival at the restaurant to dropoff, minus a service fee. Tips and promotions are additive to this delivery fare. From June 8, delivery people in Canada will be shown the pickup location, dropoff destination, and a minimum earnings amount for each given trip.

To bridge the gap between the guaranteed amount shown and the ultimate calculated delivery fare, a payment called Trip Supplement will be added to some fares. Base fare rates for pickup, dropoff, time and distance will be reduced to make room for Trip Supplement. Boost (weekly promotions that may be available during busy times in busy areas) amounts will now be included in individual trip invoices accessible on your restaurant portal. As always, Uber will give restaurants a discount on their service fee to the extent that the cost they pay for delivery (exclusive of GST) exceeds the amount the eater has paid for delivery (exclusive of GST). 

Any higher delivery fees charged to customers and paid to your delivery people will be reflected in the invoices issued by your restaurant and delivery person, as well as in the corresponding CSV files. Both the invoices and CSV files are available for download on restaurant manager.

Does this change the cost of delivery on the Uber Eats app?

This change affects the calculation of what you pay delivery people for their delivery services however, this change adds no cost to restaurant partners. As always, Uber will give you a discount on your service fee to the extent that the cost you pay for delivery (exclusive of GST) exceeds the amount the customer has paid you for delivery (exclusive of GST). This won’t change with this new fare calculation.