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What do riders love to find in the car?

June 20, 2018 / Canada

How often does a rider step into your car and ask, “Do you have a phone charger I can use?” Based on the results of a recent survey we sent to riders, our guess would be very often.

Turns out, a phone charger is the No. 1 item people love to find when they ride with Uber. Being able to charge their phone is also one of the reasons why some riders add a tip after the ride.

But phone chargers aren’t the only thing people look for. Here are the top 5 items riders love to find in the car, based on survey results:

1. Phone chargers

A majority of surveyed riders say they are most grateful when they can charge their phone during a trip. Pro tip: you can make their day by keeping an extra charger or 2 handy in the car.

2. Water bottles

Around two-thirds look to hydrate on the way to their destination. Pro tip: you can help your riders quench their thirst by providing small water bottles.

3. Aux cord

Around one-third love when there’s an aux cord available to play their own tunes. Pro tip: you can help your rider play DJ by offering up an aux cord for them to use.

4. Gum

A little less than a third like to freshen up during the trip. Pro tip: you can support their quest for better breath by offering sticks of gum

5. Candy

Around one-quarter enjoy a quick sugar high or something to munch on during the ride. Pro tip: you can keep your riders happy and their dentists in business by having candies available in the car.

Surveyed riders also shared some of the more unique items they’ve found in cars. Here are 5 of the most surprising:

  1. Nintendo video games
  2. Karaoke machine
  3. Massaging chair
  4. Mini basketball hoops
  5. Doughnuts

Whether you offer a phone charger or a karaoke machine—or something in between—is up to you, as there are lots of ways you can provide 5-star service. If you’re interested in learning more, check out these tips.


Note: the survey allowed riders to select multiple items they like to find in the car.