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Helping you move with confidence: Proof of Trip Status tool

November 8, 2021 / Canada

While you’re out on the road, there may be times when law enforcement or security officials will ask you to show proof that you’re on a trip or making a delivery with Uber. This can happen at security checkpoints at places like military bases, college campuses, and gated residential areas; during special events or traffic stops; or when you’re reporting suspicious activity or found items. 

To help you quickly verify your trip status and take trips with ease and confidence, we’ve added the new Proof of Trip Status tool to the Driver app. Simply tap Proof of Trip Status in your Safety Toolkit if you’d like to pull up the tool. 

Proof of Trip Status shows:

  • Your current trip or delivery status
  • Useful information such as your picture and vehicle license plate
  • Additional resources for law enforcement and security personnel if they need assistance

It can be stressful if you need to engage with law enforcement. Here are some tips, developed in collaboration with The Initiative: Advancing the Blue and Black Partnership, an organization that’s helping to heal the community-police relationship. The Initiative’s 3 C’s can help support positive communication with law enforcement and security personnel:*

  • Courtesy. Be courteous and respectful. Try to maintain a friendly and conversational tone when communicating with the officer.
  • Cooperation. Immediately notify the officer of your trip or delivery status and rider presence (if applicable). Turn your music down, and turn on interior lights if it is nighttime.
  • Credentials. Have your driver’s license, registration, insurance information, and Driver app with Proof of Trip Status easily accessible and ready to present to the officer. If you need to look for this information, be sure to let the officer know before you start looking for it.

Go here to get more safety tips for when you’re on the road.

*The 3 C’s are being provided as guidance from our partners at The Initiative.