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Electrifying for a greener tomorrow

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a critical piece of the puzzle to building a greener future by reducing air pollution from cars and helping in the fight against climate change. With over 2 million trips completed in EVs in the United States in 2017, we are committed to facilitating more sustainable transportation in our cities. By working together with driver-partners and local experts on this exciting new initiative, we’re helping to electrify more of the miles you travel.

Many cities, governments and experts agree that transportation should move towards electrification. Uber can help to bring this vision to scale by working with riders and driver-partners to unlock the power of our platform to grow shared-electric miles globally. Our hope is to raise awareness about the important role EVs can play in developing sustainable transportation.

Our commitment to working towards a greener tomorrow includes 9 pilot programs across the US and Canada. Tap below to learn more about what is happening in each city:

Empowering driver-partners and educating riders

Over the last year, we’ve spoken to hundreds of drivers with EVs who shared that while they love contributing to a cleaner environment and saving on the cost of gas, they face specific limitations, such as balancing long trips with car battery life and easy access to charging stations. We hope this new initiative will continue to empower drivers to tackle these challenges.

When riders are matched with a driver in an EV, they’ll receive an in-app notification along with other materials about EVs. Leveraging our technology to connect riders with information is a step towards creating greater awareness of how EVs can help make our cities greener.  

We can’t do this alone

Bringing together ridesharing and EVs is still very new and there is a lot we still need to learn. That’s why we’ve partnered with advocacy organizations, researchers, and electric utilities who are dedicated to EV adoption. Our goal is to strengthen our efforts to assist riders and drivers seeking more efficient vehicle options.