Electrifying for a greener Seattle

June 18, 2018 / Seattle

With more than 2 million Uber trips completed in Electric Vehicles (EV) in the United States and Canada in 2017, Uber is committed to facilitating more sustainable transportation in Seattle and other cities. By working together with driver-partners, Forth, and other local experts on an exciting pilot program, we’re helping to electrify more of the miles you travel.

Now, whenever riders are matched with a driver-partner in an EV in Seattle, they will be notified in-app that they’re riding in an EV. Additionally, we’ve listened to driver-partners and heard their concerns about the unique limitations that driving an EV has with ridesharing and are working on specific product improvements for driver-partners with EVs.

Partnering with Forth to make an impact in Seattle

Through innovation, demonstration projects, advocacy and engagement, Forth is leading the way in advancing electric, smart and shared transportation in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Together, Forth and Uber have teamed up to support active EV driver-partners and all forms of shared electric mobility.

Moving forward with more sustainable transportation in mind

We hope that these efforts will help raise awareness about the important role EVs and other efforts can play in developing sustainable transportation in Seattle.

Learn more about Uber’s additional commitments to working towards a more sustainable transportation by filling empty seats, partnering with transit agencies, and providing more in-app access to active options for transportation like Express POOL and Uber Bike provided by JUMP.